How to Win Respect of Students: Tips for Young Teacher

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Being a young teacher, you probably want to make a positive impression on your students, to be respected and liked by them. Many teachers (even experienced ones) would like that and not because they are vain. It’s because the students’ behavior can affect the teaching process greatly, making it easy or unbearable.

For example, when a teacher is respected, the students usually become quiet the second the teacher walks into the class. Moreover, they listen to such teachers and pay attention to them, which makes the whole learning process not only easier but also more effective.

But how can you become one of those teachers if you have very little experience as of yet? Of course, by paying attention to your students and doing the best to win their respect and trust. Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Be confident

It is a well-known fact that what we project affects what people think of us. Confidence is one thing that you simply have to project if you want to be respected by your students. Of course, it could be hard if you’re not feeling confident at all but you must remember that “fake it till you make it” principle does work in this case.

How do you project confidence? By keeping your head up and your posture straight, by speaking without any rush, while maintaining eye contact with the students. Be calm and don’t look embarrassed or confused even if you make a mistake because of nervousness.

  1. Establish rules and stick to them

Every teacher has their own rules; however, not every teacher delivers them to the students clearly. Also, not every teacher manages to explain why the rules have to be followed and while it might seem obvious to you, the students might see it as you trying to force them to do something. That doesn’t help a teacher earn respect.

It’s good to approach this in a completely different manner, coming up with a set of rules together with your students. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to ask for their permission – no, you can simply offer them to come up with the list of things that might help them concentrate on lessons. Then make a list of rules out of these suggestions and stick it somewhere where it could be easily seen. This way the students will feel like you’ve made these rules together – so it will be easier for them to follow them.

Once the rules are established, it is important both for you and your students to stick to them. Don’t make exceptions without a proper reason and make sure that you treat all the students fairly, punishing them for breaking the rules equally.

  1. Be there for your students

You don’t need to look threatening to be respected – on the contrary, this way you’ll be rather feared than respected. The best way to win students’ respect and trust is to be there for them. Remember who you are: you can be an expert in proofreading or a math genius or someone else, but either way, you are more educated and experienced and you do have something to offer to your students.

Show them that you are available in case they need something. Help them when they ask you to. Always listen to what they are saying. Make sure that they can trust you. And, of course, respect them too.

Trying to win your students’ respect can be a tricky thing. Try too hard – and you’ll look too obvious, winning their sympathy or pity but not respect. Try too little – and they might think that you actually don’t care much about them.


However, even if it’s tricky, it’s not impossible. This will become easier for you with time, but even if this doesn’t happen quickly, don’t give up, remain honest and open, and keep trying!    

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