How to write an essay in English

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Are you waiting for the exam soon? Then for sure you are interested in learning how to write an essay in English perfectly. We will tell you about the types and correct structure of the essay, give advice that will teach you to write such works in English quickly and competently.

What is an essay in English? This short essay with a certain structure, in which you reason on a specific topic and express your point of view on a given topic.

The structure of the essay in English

How many words should be in the essay on English? At each exam the optimal amount of written work is established. Typically, the task involves writing an essay length of 180 to 320 words, depending on the exam. If you are going to take the test in English, we recommend in advance to clarify the required volumes of written work and practice writing the text of the appropriate length. The structure of the essay in English is universal for all examinations. Written work consists of the following parts:

Title – the title of the essay, reflecting the theme of the narrative.

Introduction – 2-4 short sentences that cover the topic of the essay.

The main part – 2-3 paragraphs, describing the essence of the work. In them you need to fully and competently open the topic, give arguments and argue them.

Conclusion – 2-4 sentences summarizing the written. In this part, you make a general conclusion on the topic of the essay.

Each of the paragraphs in the main part of the essay begins with an introductory sentence (Topic Sentence), this is the “introduction” to the paragraph. Subsequent proposals develop and confirm the thought expressed in the Topic Sentence.

Practice writing work on this plan, and on the exam it will be easier for you to write a good reasoned essay. Types of essays in English and their features The type of essay in English that you need to write depends on the topic and is sometimes indicated in the assignment. According to an authoritative source – the book Successful Writing author Virginia Evans – it is customary to distinguish three main types of essays:

1. Pros and Cons.

For and against essays The name speaks for itself: you give arguments “for” and “against” some phenomenon. The essay plan in English is as follows: Introduction. In it, you lead the reader to the topic of discussion. Main part. You give arguments “for” and “against” some action or phenomenon. At the same time, one should not express one’s point of view, adhere to neutrality. The conclusion. Only then do you express your attitude to the topic and draw a conclusion. 

2. Essay-Opinion. Opinion essays You express your thoughts on a given topic. It would seem that any work is an expression of one’s own thoughts. What is the salt of this kind of essay? In Opinion Essays you need not just to reflect your point of view, but also to look at the proposed topic from different angles. Consider all aspects of the issue, write your opinion and necessarily confirm it with confident arguments. An essay-opinion plan on English: Introduction. You specify the topic of reasoning. Main part. You express your opinion and confidently argue it. Here it is also desirable to consider the opinion opposite to yours, and explain to the reader why you do not share this point of view. The conclusion. You sum up, finally formulating your point of view on the proposed topic.

3. Proposal of a solution to the problem. Suggesting solutions to problem essays In this type of writing, you will be asked to consider any global problem or problems. Your task is to propose solutions. The plan for this type of essay is as follows: Introduction. You indicate the problem and its causes or consequences. Main part. You suggest ways of solving problems and possible consequences of such actions. Clearly argue why you should take certain measures and what this entails. The conclusion. Summarize your reasoning.

Rules for writing an excellent essay on English Before you write an essay on English, read some of the rules for writing it. These simple guidelines help you to successfully cope with written work.

1. Stick to the structure of the essay Once you have received the assignment, determine the type of essay and the plan by which you will write it. After that, go straight on the items: the heading – the introduction – several paragraphs of the main part – the conclusion. Be sure to follow this strict structure of the essay, otherwise your work will not be appreciated highly.

2. Use a draft Since there is not much time to write an essay in English, it is necessary to use the draft copy reasonably. If the time is wasted, we advise immediately after receiving the task and getting acquainted with the topic, sketch out your thoughts and arguments to them in the formde short abstracts. This will allow you not to forget important thoughts while writing a clean-up.

3. Prepare for any topic The essay in English shows not only your level of language knowledge, but also erudition. Therefore, before preparing for the exam read the texts on different topics. This will help you expand your horizons and memorize new words, phrases and cliches that you can use in your written work on the exam.

4. Leave time for testing. Spread the time so that at the end of the exam you have at least 5 minutes left to check the essay. As a rule, the score does not decrease for accurate corrections, so this is a real chance to “save” your work by correcting the detected errors.

5. Define the appropriate style The style of writing an essay in English should be semi-formal or formal. Do not use slang and word abbreviations, for example, instead of can not write can not, instead of wanna-want to, etc. To understand how different styles of speech differ and how to use them, read the article “Formal and informal English”.

6. Be concise The essay on English is a short written work. Some students think that the principle “the more, the better” works, and they write huge opuses. Alas, the examiners will not only not raise, but also lower the estimate for the fact that you did not meet the required volume.

7. Argument your arguments. Each written thought should not sound unfounded. Support it with arguments, a vivid example, statistics, etc. Your written work should show to the examiner that you know what you are writing about and are sure of your rightness.

8. Use the word-bundles. Introductory words for essays are important links that link sentences together, forming a logical chain of your thoughts. They will help to combine sentences or show contrast, to indicate a sequence of actions, etc. We recommend to study such useful constructions in the article “Bind words in English”.

9. Use a variety of vocabulary and grammar. Avoid repetition of words, use synonyms and complex grammatical constructions – show the examiner that you know English at a high level. Instead of boring everyone good use, depending on the context, remarkable, gorgeous, fascinating. Use complex designs and different times to express your thoughts. The text, in which all sentences are written in Present Simple, will receive a low mark.

10. Present your thoughts correctly Essay – a written expression of your thoughts on a particular topic. And here it is important not to forget about elementary delicacy. If possible, do not touch politics, religion and other “slippery” topics. If the task involves considering a “painful” topic, state your point of view tolerantly and politely. In this case it is better to adhere to the formal tone and avoid the rapid manifestation of emotions.

11. Write softly Though you should write your thoughts on this issue, but try not to use often the structures of the following kind: “I’m sure that …”, “I know that …”, etc. Write more softly, for example, “It seems to me …”, “In my opinion …” – it will sound more formal and correct in relation to the opinion of other people. 

Now you know how to write an essay in English perfectly. To make this theoretical knowledge practical for you in the form of a high score on the exam, actively use them. Practice writing essays on different topics – this will be the best preparation for the exam. And if you need to prepare quickly and qualitatively for the exam in English and get a high mark on it, we suggest that you use the StockSnap_BDAUNU30R3 service.

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