How Watching TV Series Influencing the People

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TV series are great at challenging followers’ thinking by revealing them to new thoughts and humanizing individuals who hold unpopular views. Series are the safest way to expose you to dangerous circumstances and insert ourselves into another one’s shoes. We find ourselves asking the questions, “What would I have to do in this circumstance?” “How would I face and react?” And we just have to find ourselves linking with a role we would have avoided before.

How Watching TV Series Influencing the People
Watching TV shows help us to know what is wrong and what is right. When the series is violent, it provides us a good moral message. According to an American research, it has been verified that seeing bad series does not affect us in any way it only serves up what is inside us. The Showtime’s Billions TV series is a good example of what mentioned here. What about those who in public having no social networks? They have criminality rates more than the regular ones. But following television means inactivity is dangerous because inactivity has got connected with heart disease and obesity.

There are more studies conducted on the opposing health effects of watching TV shows. A current research study presented at the Harvard School indicates that watching many TV shows can raise the risk of obesity and diabetes.

One of the most dangerous effects of television series is that it appears to report reality, when in fact it just lets us get a small preview of what’s going on. This mostly happens while watching television newscasts. When we are watching the fifty-minute newscast, usually trust that what it is presenting us is all that there is to see. Unluckily most societies accept whatever TV shows are feeding them, without thinking about its truthfulness. Possibly the main reasons why we so easily believe what TV series showing us is the fact that we choose ignorance over awareness, because as the saying goes, “Unawareness is Pleasure.” Searching to find out the truth needs effort, and so we choose to let the evening newscast do the entire search for us.

Advantage and disadvantage of TV series depend on how we are approaching and thinking. Several types of research tell us that educational TV shows have many benefits. In the article of Media Awareness Network explains “The decent thing about TV is that it can be a very effective and powerful learning tool for students if used cleverly.” The article states that TV shows can help them to discover where they fit into the world, grow closer affairs with family and peers, and teach them to know complex social sides of the communication.

Dmitri Christakis cites lessons in which those who observed Sesame Street and other learning programs as youngsters had higher grades, placed more value on success, were reading more books and were more imaginative.  Following TV series itself is not sufficient to raise violence and crime in society. One may make the argument that viewing a lot of TV series teaches people to have smaller attention spans and can also make the argument that continued exposure to violent descriptions makes people more disposed to violence. However, it is better to avoid watching useless shows just to kill time.

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