How would an Automated Parking System Benefit the City of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is the ideal contender for mechanized and automated parking spots, given the size of the LA Metro area, the population, and the traffic. Despite the fact that the idea is still genuinely new to North America, it has been utilized all through Europe and Asia nearly a decade ago due to increased population density. Citizens of the city of Los Angeles will be glad to hear about possible and realistic solutions to their parking issues in the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area. As strange as it may sound, an automated parking system is realizable and worth implementing. What’s the best part about it? Automation meets mechanization i.e. you don’t have to spend an extra gallon of gas just to navigate the parking plaza; you just park it on the frame and put your keys in the safe box then let the mechanism do the parking for you. How automated parking will work at a time when robotics is being heavily debated, this article will explain.

Stopping your car at an automated parking plaza is a stroll in the park. You will activate the external gateway and pull your car into the parking plaza onto the selected space. Then, you can switch you’re your car, lock it, turn on the automated mechanism and leave the building. From here on, you are free and can proceed to other duties, such as shopping, meeting, interview etc. While you go about with your daily routine, your vehicle is stacked onto the automated mechanic rack and conveyed to the nearest accessible parking slot where it will be parked safely.

This technique is unique and impressive, and only takes a maximum of 180 seconds to deliver the vehicle to the person. The automated parking system than valet but is optimal for busy downtown areas as well as other jam-packed areas of business and commercial interest. CityLift Parking is a renowned name in parking space solutions in the American market and is trusted widely, having installed 60,000 parking systems in 13 countries around the globe.



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