How you can make Hemp oil at home?

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many people are using this great oil and this question has been circulating on
social media and medical science that how to make hemp oil at home?  On this post we will provide recipes and
techniques that how can you make such oil which will make your life simpler and
you do not need to purchase it from the market. Have a look on the procedure
down here.

yourself and environment around you

  •  A well-ventilated space
  •  Fire extinguisher
  • Stove or electricity if intended
  • Protective wearing example non-latex
    gloves, hot pads or oven mitts, odor respiratory mask or safety-paint and
    safety glasses.

you should not forget

  • 2-3 plastic buckets
  • Water around one Tsp
  • A Wooden stick unvarnished or untreated
  • Marijuana (1 ounce) ( high strain)
  • Coffee filter
  •  Isopropyl alcohol (500 ml) or 190 ever
    clear/proof grain alcohol. Avoid using Coleman fuel, heavy naphtha or VM&P
    naphtha because these solvents leave residue in oils.
  •  Large container
  • Ventilation fan
  • A rice cooker (it helps to achieve
    decarboxylation, the process in which Carboxyl group is removed and releases
    carbon dioxide)
  • Oven mitts
  • Dehydrator or coffee warmer
  • A glass or plastic bottle
  • A stainless steel bowl or container

extraction from hemp plant using a solvent

  • Dry the hemp plant completely by placing
    it under direct sunlight.
  • Put your material in a plastic bucket
    but make sure it is dry.
  • Use 99% isopropyl alcohol around 500 ml
    and dump the material by using this solvent. You can also utilize other
    solutions for this purpose. First wash removes the medicinal resins from
    the plant. Half kg of cannabis requires at least 8-10 liters of solvent for two
  • Use an untreated or unvarnished wooden
    stick to crush the damp hemp which makes it easy to grind. Or you can also
    use your hands for this purpose.
  • Keep adding the solvent until the
    material is thoroughly wet and keep mixing for 2-3 minutes. The mixing effect
    dissolves the compounds of the plants i.e. 75-80% CBD and THC into the solvent.
  • Rewash it to extract 20% of the
    remaining compounds. Pour the solvent and oil mix in the second plastic bucket.
    Again add the Alcohol to the hemp and cover it completely and keep mixing for
    2-3 minutes.
  • Shift the solvent mix to the previous bucket
    and toss down the plant material.
  •  Pass your mixture through the coffee
    filter and pour it into a clean container.

the hemp oil and remove the solvent

  • Now boil the solvent in a rice cooker or
    double boiler which works perfectly for this process. If your alcohol
    cooks in 35-40 seconds, then the quality of the solution is right. Benzene
    solvent is perfect for making this oil because it contains chlorophyll which
    does not make the oil dark in color as occurs with Alcohol.
  • Pour the solution in the rice cooker and
    fill it up to 3/4th. Plug the rice cooker and switch the heat to high
    temperature i.e. around 290 degrees F or 140 degree Celsius.
  • You will notice a drop in the level of
    solvent. At this point start adding the remaining solution mix and keep doing
    it until the time it is completely in the rice cooker.
  • When 1 inch of the solution is left
    inside the rice cooker, add water to the combination. around 1tsp which helps
    to release the residue from the solution and protects the hemp oil from excessive heating.
  • Place your oven mitts and pick up your
    rice cooker. Swirl the remaining components in the rice cooker until they
    completely evaporate.
  • Now you can pour the oil into a clean
  • You need to place this stainless bowl on
    a mild heating device such as a dehydrator or coffee warmer at least for few
    hours. It is one of the most significant steps because it allows complete
    evaporation of solvent and water from the oil.
  • When the bubbling
    effect in the oil has stopped, you are ready to pour this into a clean bottle
    and utilize it for different purposes. If the quantity of your oil is small,
    you can pour it in the small oral syringes and store them in dark, cool

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