Immigration to Australia – Requirements for Permanent Residence

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The dream of emigration to Australia is a dream for many. Every year hundreds of people migrate to Australia. As easy as a few decades ago, this is no longer unfortunately. The Immigration Department has issued very strict and complex laws over the last few years that make immigration much more difficult. Our experts at Migrant Agent Adelaide are here to give you the best services which are not only convenient but pocket friendly also.

Anyone wishing to apply for Australia Permanent Residence must meet the following minimum criteria:

·         Age under 45 years at the time of application

·         Training or study in a profession listed on the SOL

·         No serious illnesses

·         No serious criminal records

·         English knowledge (IELTS)

·         12/24 and possibly 36/48 months work experience

Need To Focus On Some Important Factors before Applying For Visa

1: Prior to the application of the permanent residence, the skills assessment, i.e. the so-called occupational recognition, must first be carried out.

It is therefore important to start the preparations at an early stage since 2007 adequate English language skills have to be demonstrated before applying for the visa, and in some professions already when applying for the skills assessment.

2: In the case of the IT professions, it is possible to provide proof of the required knowledge by means of professional experience, even without formal training through long-term work experience, and thus to obtain a professional recognition in Australia.

3: By definition, serious diseases include all diseases which are a long-term financial burden on the Australian health care system. The examination is carried out in individual cases by a so-called “Panel Doctor”, which carries out the necessary medical examination during the visa application. The decision on whether the Australian health care system is financially long-term is met in Australia by a Commonwealth Medical Officer who evaluates the results of the panel doctor’s examination.

4: English skills must be demonstrated in an IELTS test. This test is conducted several times a year. You do not have to take the test in your home country, but you can also spend your holiday in Australia.

For some non-professional authorities, e.g. for engineers and all medical professions, the passed English test must already be submitted and submitted with the application for occupational recognition.

5: In the case of work experience for job-related immigration visas without sponsorship from an employer, it is important first to check whether you have worked for at least 12 months in a job on the SOL in the 24 months before applying for the visa. This is a minimum criterion. If you do not or not yet, you can not apply for a visa. This work experience does not necessarily have to be collected in the recognized profession.

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