Impact of video games

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More and more kids are spending their time in front of a computer or television, laughing at Russian Memes playing video games. The video game market made more money than the movie industry last year. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of it slowing down. Next generation platform systems will continue to come out and the industry will continue to grow. Clearly, the video gaming industry is having an impact on the lives of children, but is it a positive or negative impact?

Let’s consider some of the negative impacts of video games. Children are spending more and more hours indoors playing video games than ever before. Consequently, these children have trouble developing socially. In some cases, there are people who have shut themselves off from the outside world and decided to indulge themselves with video games. These people are living in a fantasy world. Video games take over their lives and they lose perspective of what’s important. Admittedly, this is an extreme case. However, it exemplifies the effect video games can have on a person who may be unstable. For those who are more stable, they may lose that sense of stability in their life because they are pulled in by video games. The term video game addiction is very common nowadays. A common name for the game Everquest is Evercrack because the game is very addictive. People spend tons of their own money to feed their gaming addictions. In April of 2002, Shawn Wooley quit his job and spent weeks in his apartment playing Everquest. Eventually, he was evicted, because he couldn’t afford to pay his rent due to his addiction. Sadly, Shawn eventually took his own life, but up to that point, he continued to play Everquest relentlessly. Now, clearly, this was a disturbed individual. His addiction to video games was essentially an escape from a reality (his life) that he could not deal with. There are so many troubled teens out there that could easily turn to video games as an escape rather than deal with their problems in a healthy manner. 

Do we need to question the benefits of video games? How does playing video games in front of a television, hours on end, help a child develop as a person? Some teens spend an entire day playing video games when they could be developing their skills in sports, volunteering or even working. Video games can consume so much of a person�s time that they begin to hinder a child’s growth. 

Some argue that video games are good because they allow children to get their aggression out. However, aren�t there much more healthy ways of doing that? Rather than blowing up pixilated people isn�t healthier to sit down with someone and discuss your problems? Playing video games to help you with your anger or other problems is merely a quick fix/band-aid that will never help in the long run. 

Clearly, video games have a negative impact on our children.

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