impressive letter for your girlfriend when you are a university student

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Dear, X

If you ask me the definition of love and how much I love you, I will give you the answer below:

As a Law student: there is no conception more difficult than that of love because there is no remedy under The Penal Code.

As an Economic student: love is the branch of kindness concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of love between two souls.

As a Math student: Defining the concept of love like defining the geometric conception of roundness, because absolute roundness cannot be defined. That’s why I can tell you how much I love you.

As a BBA student: Love is like a business because business means the quality or condition of being busy. I wanna busy with you.

As a Mass Communication and Journalism student: Love is the way of communication between two good souls and show their true love all over the world.

As a Physics student: There is no definition and relation between love and physics because love is a soft thing.

And lastly being a Human: My love is like sky I can’t touch it but I can see it and feel it. And until death, I will love you, wherever you are.

Caution: My definition may be lame, but I don’t care at all.







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