Improve the air quality in your home

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The majority of people consider their home a shelter that protects them from the external dangers and they are right up to a certain point because they do not take into account the dangers that lie between the walls of their home because car emissions and smog are not the only factors that contaminate the air. Although you take good care of your home and your family, your activities and the products you use indoors represent pollutants that should become a concern because they can lead to inconveniences and severe health problems.   

 Improve the air quality in your home1

Air quality testing- importance and procedure

Undoubtedly, air quality testing helps you discover if your home represents a safe environment for you and your family. We cannot deny its importance considering the fact that people spend most of their time indoors and breathe contaminated air, whether we are talking about home, school or office. Practically, air quality testing has the purpose to inform you concerning the contaminants present in your home. The procedure involves the following steps: a professional comes with the adequate equipment and runs various tests in all the rooms; this will help him make a correct assessment regarding the air quality and give you the necessary recommendations that will help you solve the problem. In addition, you will receive a report containing all the details and indications that you must apply in order to notice improvements. The most appropriate times to choose air quality testing are when you experience the symptoms mentioned below, when you decide to renovate because certain materials could be harmful or when you move into a new house and you are not familiar with the construction methods and materials.

Indoor air pollution

Improve the air quality in your home2

Regardless of how clean or hygienic a home is, the negative effects on air quality still represent a problem that deserves attention because we bear a part of the blame. Even if we are not aware, the way we live nowadays considerably affects the surrounding environment and reducing the air pollutants seems a challenge. However, acquiring information about the main sources of indoor air pollution, their effects on our health, the symptoms we experience and efficient solutions we can use to fight against them will definitely help us improve our wellbeing and it will open our eyes on this subject.

·         Causes

Asbestos and formaldehyde represent the main causes of indoor air pollution and are hard to remove from your life. The first one practically surrounds you because is included in building materials, floor tiles and coatings while the latter is integrated part of wood floors and sealants. Other factors that significantly contribute to health damage are bacteria and dust, mold and mildew, volatile organic compounds like pesticides, air fresheners and cleaning supplies, tobacco smoke and radon, which is a radioactive gas that infiltrates into the homes though floors because they come in direct contact with the ground. Even though we cannot eliminate the presence of certain elements, we are responsible for using deliberately some of these products in our everyday life being or not being aware of the fact that we practically harm ourselves.

·         Effects

Although you probably do not feel endangered when hearing that various contaminants contribute to air pollution in your home and cause negative effects on your health, think twice. From minor inconveniences, heart problems and brain damage to major illnesses like cancer, air pollution has the power to destroy your health. To be more precise, some of the effects number allergic reactions, respiratory infections, loss of coordination, bronchitis and pneumonia, flu, mesothelioma and lung cancer, among others. Obviously, people with a weak immune system, such as kids and old people are more amenable to the after-effects. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or combat air pollution in your home.

·         Symptoms

Indeed, air pollution can lead to discomfort and health problems, but how do you recognize the signs considering that each person reacts differently? Well, all people that have a high degree of pollution into their homes experience several symptoms that they should definitely take into account, such as frequent headaches and dizziness, skin irritation, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing, strange odors and more. You may think that some of the symptoms enumerated usually indicate a cold and you are right. However, you can immediately realize if air pollution is the cause if your condition improves when you leave a certain room in your home. In that case, you should not wait for the symptoms and the effects on your health to become more aggressive. Instead, you should opt for air quality testing and find out for sure if environmental factors represent a problem.

Ways to prevent indoor air pollution

Improve the air quality in your home3


The prevention of air pollution is possible and quite simple as long as we become familiar with the causes because we just have to eliminate them as much as we can from our lives. For instance, we are all aware that smoking threatens our wellbeing and some people still choose to fall prey to this vice. However, by quitting smoking they could protect themselves and the people around them, either family members and friends or strangers from cancer. Smoking pollutes not only the air, but also people’s lungs. Even though we know that you use cleaning supplies with good intentions, you still have to check the ingredients and make sure that they are environmentally friendly. Gas stoves represent another source that releases harmful chemicals in your home, so you should stop using them or avoid purchasing them in the first place. A quality vacuum cleaner will immediately eliminate allergens and chemicals that hide in the carpet so you should insist in the most visited rooms. By running regular inspections in your home, you will be able to spot mold or other harmful chemicals that represent a threat to your life. A bad habit that most of the people have is to enter the house with their dirty shoes on and bring all types of pollutants. Taking care of these aspects will definitely improve the air quality and protect our health.

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