Improve your Business Writing Skills: 7 Online Tools

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What makes business writing different from other types of writing is that it is at a professional level. Therefore, it requires one to have the vast knowledge of it. Formal wordings are one of the things that you require for writing business materials and they should be well structured.

One of the key things to always look out for in writing is the clarity and accuracy of the work, be it for emails or business reports. Wondering how to hack that? Or are you already a professional writer but need a bit more guidance? Well, we’ve got you! You may not be confident in your writing skills but now that you need to step up and up your game, all the same.

Here are some of the easy to use online tools that can help you improve your business writing and boost your confidence:


It is definitely go-to to site if you want to be successful in business writing. If you have a busy life, this site ensures that you have the writing done efficiently thus not disrupting your schedule. It offers you a free edition of Scrivener. This guide will make your writing easier as it provides you with instructions at every step of the process. It’s especially so for business plans as well as other significant documents.

Scrivener is widely known for its versatility as it will enable you to divide up your work and arrange it well to provide more accuracy and flow of work. You also have the chance to write notes on the side as guidelines for your work. This tool is definitely a plus when it comes to learning how to be a great business writer.


When you have a busy schedule, you may not have adequate time to proofread your business material. Also, the proofreading may not be interesting for someone, and this is exactly why you need this tool. It takes all the work away from you. With the help of this editing site, you will have exposure to professional editors and can finally relax!

This editing team will provide you with quality, affordable and most of all reliable services. They will do the writing job based on your instructions and specifications. In the end, you’ll always achieve fine business writing materials that are edited corrected as required.


Ideas are the core of starting any activity. It’s also true for writing business-related material. Therefore, writing down and organizing your ideas are among the first steps that you will need to undertake. A site that has been created for exactly this purpose is This site is excellent for group assignments as well since you can collect and store all your thoughts on it. Many times you come up with excellent business ideas during meetings, but you can’t writing them all in the minutes that follow. If this sounds like a very familiar occurrence to you, then sigh no more. The solution lies on this site – you can easily log in during the meetings and combines the ideas for arrangement later on.

This site offers idea management services – they provide access to a wide array of brainstorming tools. Signing up is absolutely free!

If you desire to have a much richer business content then this site is just for you!

  1. Dragon Dictation

We always find ourselves very busy and always needing to multitask. Technological advancements in recent times have risen to the occasion to provide solutions to almost every productivity problem. For example, when it comes to writing, we have Dragon Dictation – the app that simply makes life easier. No typing is required here. Yes! I said it, no typing. All you need to do is to speak then you will see your text. This text can be sent anywhere. Therefore, with this app, you can easily send business texts, emails and also make personal notes.

This app also helps you crack down large documents that need writing. It will definitely save you some time. The program has an incredible accuracy so you need not spend a lot of time on editing. The fact that you hear how your words sound will give you an upper hand in always having clear work.


As we alluded to earlier, business writing requires professional skills in writing and also the relevant business knowledge. You may find yourself short on this and may require help. This site gives you just that help that you need. They have a reliable team that will offer you high-quality content for your business material. The services depend on the type of work that you want to be done. All you will need to do is to provide them with instructions, and they will work on it based on the specifications, deadlines, and criteria.

  1. Stoodle

At every stage of your business writing journey, you will need to learn and improve your work constantly. Stoodle is one of the online tools that will help you do just that. This site is designed with features such as permanent storage of study lessons, uploading of images as well as real-time communication to enable you to have an amazing learning experience. It also makes it easier for you to learn and interact with teachers. With this site, you will move from a fairly good writer into an excellent one.


Do you consider yourself to be a professional business writer? If you do, we know that you may need some help from time to time. One of the challenges most writers face is on how to write a conclusion. With this site, you will have access to a writing editor for free that can help with issues such as grammar and spelling, ensuring that there’s no plagiarism in your work, finding overused words, improving readability, as well as providing professional and personalized coaching to enhance your writing skills.

You can just pick any of the tools and work your way to an enhanced writing experience that guarantees high-quality work at every go. What you need to do is simply copy and paste your work into the site and do your analysis on it. It will enable you to detect all the errors and correct them. Majority of these tools come for free while you may have to pay for others.



Most of the time, we forget that writing skills as are important as other skills at the workplace. In a typical day, we usually have to do a lot of writing, be it emails to our bosses or business associates, business plans, as well as business summaries; and this is exactly why we need some guidance. These online tools will take you through the process of learning and advance you to a level by which you will comfortably produce accurate, reliable and rich-content business materials without taking too much of your time, thus, making you shine at the workplace. Having these tools will ensure that you move up the professional ladder as your work will be consistently good. 

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