Intelligence of automobile causes huge requirement of upgrade technology, FOTA becomes new favorite

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With the development of smart-auto, cars become more and more like a large smart-phone. Central control unit, mirror and ECU all need to constantly upgrade to keep up with the time.

Adups CEO Sun Weirong said,  Even the best product at that time, once it cant upgrade, it will be eliminate. Actually, hardware is more necessary to be upgraded than phone. He thought there are two requirements the hardware need to satisfy. First, it needs function to connect with Internet. Second, the function of upgrading. From this aspect, the upgrade-system is the requisite function for a smart-facility. Especially, for a auto-maker, without FOTA function it can only upgrade the autos by recalling or instructing the users to operate. That will make the industry bear high cost and the problem of the process will destroy the brand and users experience.

By using FOTA-upgrade technology, users can receive newest system version and it can repair the last bugs, moreover, add the new functions for users without change a new one. With the advance of FOTA technology, many premium brands enterprises pay attention to FOTA upgrade. Such as Tesla, it will upgrade the system every two or three months. And this offers opportunity for Adups which focuses on smart-auto FOTA upgrade technology.

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