Introduction to SAP BPC & Goals

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BPC, Business Planning and Consolidations or Business Objects Planning and Consolidations, is one of the multiple modules available in the SAP ERP offerings. BPC is the new leading tool of choice of multiple companies around the world to assist in financial close process. This introductory post is meant to give the reader a high level summary of SAP BPC 10.0 NetWeaver and a brief summary of legal financial consolidations.

This post is written for

? People who are looking to learning about SAP BPC

? Consultants who work with SAP and seeking a more defined niche in the SAP ERP world

? Business end users of BPC trying to get a better understanding of the system

? Functional BPC consultants looking for more context on the technical side of BPC

? Technical BPC consultants who are looking for more context on the accounting and functional side of consolidations

This post is meant only as an introduction. More detailed subjects and exact technical configuration & step by step setup can be found in various other posts. Please feel free to look through all of our offerings.

Please note that all of our posts will be based on SAP BPC 10.0 NW from a technical and system functionality standpoint. 


The goal for this post is to provide you with an informative straight to the point understanding of the following:

? What is SAP BPC

 ? What is BPC used for

? Who uses BPC

? What functionalities can you expect from SAP BPC 10.0

? A Introduction to areas of legal financial consolidations

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