Is it Possible to Make Free Phone Calls with Google Hangouts?

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Are you looking for a cost effective medium to make phone calls? Is there any possibility of making free phone calls? Who does not want in this age and time? Frankly, this is possible and it clearly means saving a few extra bucks, which is always good news. For a change, Google Hangouts is what you need to have. With Hangouts, you can not only make free voice calls but also send messages and video chat. And top of it, you are not even required to spend a dime.

 To begin with, there are plenty of other benefits of making free calls. And these include:-

·         Saves you money and reduces the cost – When you are in a position to make and call receives free calls, there is no need to fret about choosing any particular monthly carrier deals. The money saved can be set aside to serve other purposes.


·         Ensures connectivity throughout – Being an entrepreneur, it suffices to say that you will prefer a medium that lets you connect with your clients at a very minimal cost. Google Hangouts with its easy to use interface provides connectivity, for which you don’t really have to shell out a huge budget.


·         Make calls anywhere at any point of time – Cutting against geographical lines and demographics, you can make any call at any point of time. For a change, you get respite from incurring huge bills on international calls.

How to get started?

Right before getting started, it is necessary to make sure that the network you are using to make the call should be secure and strong.

1.       Sign into Google Hangouts app by using your Google account

2.       Before signing–in, make sure to update  the Google Hangouts app along with the dialer

3.       When you install the dialer, it also adds a second calling section to the app for your own benefit

4.       Open the app and select the contact with whom you want to converse

5.       The call recipient must also have Google Hangouts on their respective devices

What it means to make free calls using Google Hangouts?


Google Hangouts, is quite a viable app, which has been designed to let the users have an uninterrupted conversation, without worrying much about the costs. It is simple to use and almost everyone with a smart phone can access the free service.  However, there might be a few bugs or login in errors somehow or the other. As for that, one can use the round the clock Google Customer Service Number to fix to speak with the professionals and seek active support to weed out the problems.

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