I’ve been meaning to start my own YouTube channel.

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How to become a YouTuber and do it right

Why not just quit everything and become the second PewDiePie…? Such a thought passed through the mind of many creative young people. Huge successes, also financial ones, numerous YouTubers made this activity seem like an idyll – after all, what can be difficult to run your own channel on the web? However, the truth is presented in slightly less pink colors.


If anyone thinks that it’s enough to play CS:GO for a little while, it will be very disappointing. Contrary to optimistic ideas, earning money on YouTube is not very different from working full-time or running your own business. When money arises, we talk about ordinary business – with all its charms and hardships.


Being a YouTuber is not a game from weekend to weekend. The right strategy, consistency of actions, professional management and professional promotion are very important. Without it all, our channel will be only one of a million, an inconspicuous proposal on the internet network. And on average, no one in the creative industry has earned yet.


Be original!


Before we start work, however, we need the most important idea, which is a good idea. The choice of the original theme and theme is the key. It’s best to choose the field in which we feel competent. If we are not hit and characteristic, then we should not try to get any “one man show”. Knowledge will defend itself without fooling around. Of course, this does not mean that the message is to be boring. Boredom is the biggest bane of beginners.


Another channel about playing the game will also not work if we do not do it absolutely masterfully. Maybe a better idea is a program about fishing or antique trains? While we really have knowledge and experience in this topic.


The choice of one particular motif, of course, narrows down the circle of people to whom our materials will reach, but this is the only way to get to those most interested, and those who can provide the channel with life, that is, interactions in the form of likes, subscriptions and comments.


Creating and promoting your own brand is a key issue. Basically, it does not matter if we operate under a name or a pseudonym; it is important that the channel has an interesting, distinctive logo that will be labeled with all materials. In addition, you need a characteristic jingle, welcome and / or goodbye. All this is to build a brand that will stay in the minds of fans. The measure of success will be that the average internet user will be able to distinguish our channel from many others. Also from those that deal with similar topics.


The form of the speech is as important as the content. It is not enough that we have the most interesting things to say. You have to pass them in an attractive way. Yes, that everyone would listen to us. On the one hand, the movie, to be popular, no – must be produced professionally. On the other hand – evidently low quality interferes with the “first contact” with our channel and very organic YouTube traffic. The first reaction to a video with a terrible picture and / or sound quality is to turn it off.


Hate must go on!


With increasing popularity, enemies also come. The ability to deal with hate is essential. Negative, vulgar, nothing, apart from aggression, it is best not to respond to comments that do not make comments. If someone writes that you are an idiot, it just does not make sense to explain to him that this is not the case. Power and keyboard damage. The popular text about “feeding trolls” is definitely right.


You have to take care of the audience. Only a large number of fans will make you start earning on your materials and that the vision of “living with YouTube” will come true. The way of free promotion is of course the use of social media. They allow you to reach new viewers and promote content. It is a good idea to set up an account on every major social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Google+) and to place links to videos there. Similar benefits can be gained by setting up even the simplest blog on any of the popular platforms.


Social media is also a place where you can easily view the most interesting trends on the web. Of course, this does not mean that you always have to express yourself on the most popular theme. Going into the mainstream carries the risk that you will not get through your message among hundreds of other YouTubers. On the other hand, dealing with a hot topic and following the trend gives you a better chance that new users will be attracted to you, who will be looking for additional information about matters that interest them. Taking a completely new story is a chance to break out, show from the original page, enter with the “wow” effect and create a brand for new products. Of course there is also a minus here: the topic may be too niche.


Serious YouTuber – it’s not an oxymoron


At some point the fun turns into a real passion and serious occupation. Money appears with popularity. It is worth establishing a business activity at that time – this form of self-employment ensures freedom of work and allows for financial transparency. It also makes your presence on YouTube possible to be a full-fledged, serious job.


YouTuber is a profession of the future and soon it will be prestigious top profession. Although methods of action raise doubts, it is difficult not to agree with his vision. It seems that the market is still not saturated and many formats are waiting to be discovered. There are more and more stories of people who have dropped everything and taken seriously on YouTube, but none of the leading YouTubers will say that his work is a piece of cake.




Nothing is free, and YouTube is no different. You need to have various software and hardware parts before you start recording. Additionally what you need is proper Screen Recorder software which is very important when recording for example gameplay. Other important programs are video editing software. Make sure that your computer is good enough to record smooth videos in high quality.

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