JCB rock breaker price

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A rock breaker is a machine designed to manipulate large rocks, including reducing large rocks into smaller rocks. They are used to remove oversize hard rocks. Indigenously developed hydraulic rock breakers also are made. If you want to know this JCB rock breaker price, you can reach out to the manufacturer to get a quote.


JCB rock breaker price



Rock breakers consist of two major components, a hydraulic hammer which is used to break rocks and a boom or the arm. There are two major types of rock breakers depending on the motility – mobile and stationary.

Salient Features

These rock breakers are rugged, tough and durable. They are built to be long lasting. Since they have less components in terms of maintenance and desirable you have an advantage. They are also easy to operate.

Technology of the rock breaker

The indigenous rock breaker has a centrally operated lubrication system. The hybrid technology used makes for instant energy transmission with the internal control valve providing maximum efficiency. The breaker box guiding system also allows for lesser noise and vibration.

Manufacturing the indigenous rock breaker

For manufacturing the rock breaker, the material used is high tech engineering steel which is high-performance. All parts are manufactured using this material very precisely at state-of-the-art machine shops which are equipped with latest computer numerically controlled machines. In these machines the 3D modeling planned in desk computer is transferred directly to the processing machine so that there is no element of error due to human fatigue.

Every part goes through heat treatment which is meticulously done in a controlled atmosphere. This ensures the life of the rock breaker will be long lasting. In order to maintain the finish, micron tolerance special tools are used.  All the parts adaptor, plugs etc. are tightened by means of heavy duty torque meter as per the specified values.

Performance Testing

Every rock breaker assembly is tested for how it performs on the ground, before it is dispatched to you. A specially designed test rig is set up which provides perfect simulation and actuates at various operating pressures. It measures oil flow rate, impact rate, smooth hammering sound modulation etc. This testing rig unit is exclusively devised using the latest technologies.

Rock breakers are usually used to break large rocks, to move single rocks which are stuck somewhere or to break build-ups caused by multiple coarse rocks. They have many industrial applications, especially in the field of mining, cement, coal, sand making, excavation, demolition, construction, brick making, road-building, scrap and agriculture. If you are in these fields and are interested in knowing more about the JCB rock breaker price etc. reach out to the manufacturer to know more.

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