Just 2 Amazingly Simple Steps Can Make You MUCH Happier With Your Phone

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Just 2 Amazingly Simple Steps Can Make You MUCH Happier With Your Phone

The research is back – and it’s nice and simple

Australian comparison site WhatPhone.com.au conducted some primary research, across 500 phone users at the end of 2017. The last 12 months have shown some huge changes in the ways we use our phones, the survey revealed.

Step 1 – Install the Self Service App

Almost every phone company in the world now offers a free self service app. Users download it from the usual iTunes or Google Play store, install it in seconds and use it to manage their account. These apps provide much the same functions, whichever phone company provides them. They allow customers to check their data usage, validate their remaining plan entitlements, pay bills and move plans.

The facilities are incredibly easy to use and, once users get over the hurdle of having to install another app, the research suggests, these simple tools improve the way people feel about their phone company.


Customers who had used these apps consistently ranked their level of customer satisfaction higher, on a scale of one to ten, than those who did not use them. WhatPhone suggests that the reasons as to why this is are pretty intuitive. “The best phone company customer support is the one you never have to call,” said Neil Aitken, CEO of the company. The ability to conduct the simple tasks, using these self service apps is likely the cause of these improved rates of customer satisfaction. Jobs like performing a recharge can occupy a lot of time if you have to do them on the phone. With the app, you tap and it’s done.”

Step 2 – Just pick a smaller phone company

Smaller phone companies, known as MVNOs in the industry resell the networks of the major phone companies in every country around the world. Take Vodafone for example, the world’s biggest telco outside of China. There are hundreds of phone companies who resell their network around the world. Users who buy from, say, Lebara, a phone company which leases access to the Vodafone network in some countries and sells the plans as their own, get exactly the same network coverage and speeds as if they’d gone direct to Vodafone. They also, often, get more data for their money.


Customer satisfaction among those who pick a plan from a small phone company was notably higher than those who went direct to the bigger telcos. Again, Aitken has a theory as to why.

“Bigger phone companies tend to be labyrinths. They sell much broader ranges of products : Contracts, prepaid, SIM Only plans on the mobile side. Fixed broadband and often TV or other content services. A single call to a big phone company can get customers lost in their internal processes. Things are different when it comes to smaller telcos,”said Aitken. ”Network resellers tend to do one thing and do it well. They’ll sell a suite of prepaid plans, for example, and that’s it. If you do have to deal with them, it’s nice and simple.

So, what’s in store for 2018?

It seems the future will be even better than the past when it comes to our phones. The number of wearable devices is set to increase a huge 44% in 2018. These devices are usually used to measure aspects of our health and become more sophisticated every year. It won’t be long before heart attacks are a thing of the past, with devices like this warning us as soon as any irregular heart behavior is ‘felt’by the watch.

The internet is going mobile, too, and fast. Already 15% of people have a mobile broadband connection as well as a SIM in their phone. That’s going to increase 40% in the year ahead to over 20% of the population. Faster speeds, improved reliability and data bundles up to 70GB a month on 4G networks at affordable prices are all creating Goldilocks conditions for the uptake of this new technology.

Summing up


There are some extremely simple steps you can take not only to get more data for your money but also to improve how you feel about interacting with your phone company. It’s not all good news, however. Önly 7% of people intend to change plans in 2018”, Neil says. “”If you want to see these benefits, you’re going to have to do something different next year!

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