Justice League: Movie of Super Heroes

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2017 is nearly over, but Hollywood is still on the streak of providing quality movies this year. From the previous releases like Annabelle, Transformers and Wonder Woman, we believe that they have more to give to the anticipating audience, especially this upcoming November.

Apparently, fans of DC and Marvel comics has been waiting for one of the most anticipated films this year with the title, Justice League because this is where things get interesting. 5 heroes from 5 different films have gathered together to form a team against a common enemy named Lex Luthor.

The Story So Far

The Flash, Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. We’ve known these characters because they were all introduced in their own solarmovie. As a matter of fact, Superman is supposed to be part of the team as well, but, due to the occurrences that happened between his fight against Batman and Doomsday, things went a little south for our superhero and we’ve all watched how people grieves for the big loss.



Based from the timeline of the characters, it seems that the show Batman vs. Superman is the most recent before the upcoming collaboration this November. From the film, we’ve seen Gal Gadot, the actress behind Diana Prince or Wonder Woman, has made an appearance as well where parts of her show is also revealed in this particular film (referring to her old picture). But, the story is all about the dispute between Bruce and Clark, how justice is defined for both of them.

Since Clark has a partner, he must prioritize her safety in times of crisis, not even minding the things that get destroyed each time he makes a rescue mission. During one of his fights, Bruce suffered a big loss and made him a bit anxious about Superman. With the help of brainwashing coming from Lex Luthor and his research regarding Superman’s weakness, Batman used this opportunity to be able to get revenge.

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However, they both find out that the real enemy is Luthor himself as he released the monster that created too much chaos in the town. With the help of Wonder Woman, they were able to defeat it, with a big price. Due to Superman’s death, Bruce promised to keep Earth safe and asked for Diana’s help to find the other people with powers. Together, they will battle the evil invaders from another planet, and try to keep their promise to our dead hero.

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