Kangen water filter system is a state of the art machine

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Can anyone live without water? No man can ever live without water. Plants can live without soil but not without water. This proves that water is the most important ingredient in the universe. In fact, more than 70% of the Earth is water. However, one is not in a position to use this water for the simple reason that it is in the oceans as salty water. You have the fresh water sources diminishing all the time. Hence, you find the tap water in houses all over the world delivering salty water. There is a need to purify this water. The RO and the UV filters are also not able to completely purify this water. In trying to do so, they remove the salts like calcium, magnesium, and potassium from the tap water. The best solution is the Kangen water filter system
This water filter system is a state of the art machine capable of producing five different types of water. The SD501 water filter produces water in the pH range of below 2.7 to values more than 11. However, the entire range of water is not fit for consumption. It is water in the pH range of 7 to 9.5 that is potable and fit for cooking as well. The water below 7 is acidic in nature whereas the water above 9.5 is highly alkaline. 
Why can you not use acidic water for drinking purposes? The main reason is that our stomach contains acids for digestion. Secondly, the food we consume like citrus fruits, egg yolk, vegetables, and other foods also contain acids in large quantities. If we supplement this food with acidic water, the proportion of acidity in the body will shoot up to abnormal levels whereby one can suffer from diseases like kidney failure, and so on. Hence, one should consume either pure water or water that is slightly alkaline to neutralize the acids that we consume knowingly and unknowingly.
It is no problem if we use the pure water in the pH range of 7. However, it is very difficult to obtain water in this perfect range. Ironically, the tap water is the perfect water one can obtain under the circumstances. The RO / UV filters remove the essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium from tap water thereby making it more acidic. The bottled water that we consider as pure is also highly acidic in nature. Similarly, the beverages we consume are also highly acidic in nature. In fact they are literally not fit for human consumption at all. That is a different matter altogether now. 
The Kangen water in the range of 7.5 to 9.5 is the one that is perfect for consumption today. They are slightly alkaline whereby they can neutralize the acids present in the stomach and the foods that we consume. Anything over this level makes it unfit for consumption. This is a very fine line to tread. However, the Kangen water machine is a sophisticated one capable of producing water of all five types.  


Miracle Kangen
Dheeraj Heritage
BEST Colony, Juhu, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra
400054, India


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