Latest Movies with Low Ticket Sales This Summer and What Can Be Done

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Every now and then, ticket sales for a particular movie can really drop very low, way too low from what different critics and movie studios predicted. This is what happens to Hollywood movies that were released during this summer 2017. The ticket sale is the lowest in 25 years and the movie industry has some difficulty in trying to figure out the exact reason why this happens.

One possible reason can be due to a poor plot of the story since most of the movie that was released this summer are sequels of old franchises. Another reason might be due to a higher price of tickets which makes it unattractive to watch on big screen. Also, availability of the different streaming site on the internet makes it a better alternative as compared to watching a particular movie in cinemas. Busy schedules in work or school make it hard for different individuals to watch movies on a big screen.



Another big factor can be attributed to the poor rating given by different review site such as Rotten Tomatoes. Their reviews for a particular movie can easily be read on different social networks and it affects the overall ticket sales of a movie.

Some of the latest movies released this summer with low ticket sales are The Mummy, Baywatch, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Alien, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  You can watch all movies released in 2017 online on Fmovies.

Ways to Improve the Ticket Sale of Hollywood Movies Next Year

Every movie producer wanted to create a movie that will entertain its viewer and at the same time earn some profit. So in order to prevent another low turn-out of ticket sales next year, a new and refreshing storyline should be made. Since making sequels of an old franchise seems to be unattractive to viewers, creating another one should not be done if possible.

Another thing that can be done to increase ticket sales of a movie is to tap international markets. One very good market will be that of China. They have the largest population in the world and for a movie to be available in China cinemas will greatly boost its popularity and profitability.


Utilizing different social networks and blogger to promote a particular movie will also boost its ticket sales. Nowadays, most people prefer to use social networks to obtain news and information about new movies that can be watched on big screen. Positive review of a movie will greatly encourage them to watch the movie on the big screen.

Strict implementation of rules in different cinemas should also be done to stop piracy. Most of the pirated movies were recorded inside the cinema and this greatly decreases the number of projected ticket sales.

Another thing that movie producer can do to improve ticket sale is to produce good movie trailers that will shroud a particular movie in mystery and excitement to make it attractive to different movie aficionados. Presence of good cinematic effects also tends to attract many moviegoers especially those 3D movies. 

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