List of Cyberbullying Facts and Associated Statistics

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Cyberbullying basically means a type of internet bullying. Cyberbullying is associated with teens and young people. It is a kind of violence and can create a severe problems among the teens. Recent studies have shown that it is becoming a very serious problem these days.

Cyberbullying can be done in any form. It can be done in the form of spreading rumors or online texts or taking someone’s personal information and making it public over the internet. According to a statistics, many teens and adolescents gets affected by this teen violence on a daily basis.

In 2014, a study was conducted and collected a data about the present state of cyberbullying statistics and facts associated with it. Cyberbullying statistics and facts are as follows:-

Cyberbullying Statistics

·        53% of young people have witnessed cyberbullying.

·        11% of the teens have reported that someone has taken their photographs without their permission.

·        Approximately 80% of the teens who are regularly using cellphones, witnessed cell phones as a common medium for internet bullying.

·        From the research data, it can be inferred that boys are more likely to be bullied and threatened online compared to girls.

·        Only 20% of the cyberbullying cases are being reported to the police.

·        Cyberbullying not only affects the teens rather it affects all races and castes as well.

Cyberbullying Facts

·        Among the teens, 68% of the teens who are aware about it accepts that it is a severe problem.

·        25% of the teens who have witnessed cyberbullying, end up committing suicide.

·        Only 10% of the cyberbullying victims report about the incident happened to them.

·        Almost 90% of the teens who have witnessed cyberbullying through social media have completely ignored it and left it as it is without reporting to anyone.

·        Approximately 58% of adolescents have accepted that someone has used absurd language against them online. Also, it has repeated many a times with approximately 40% among them.

Some of the methods to avoid and reduce cyberbullying are as follows:-

·        Parents and teachers should educate teens and kids that cyberbullying is a crime and they should not send any hurtful text or information to anyone, even if someone force them to do so.

·        Counsel teens those have witnessed cyberbullying that it’s not their fault and if it happens again then they should immediately report it to their parents or someone trustworthy.

·        Tell the teens to block the person who is involved in cyberbullying. Also, create an awareness among them about not to give their numbers and details to any unknown person.

·        Parents should keep a track of all the activities which their kids are doing online. They should know with whom their kids are talking and meeting online.

·        Educate teens to not to provide or share their personal information especially password with someone except their parents.

·        Create an awareness among the kids about the pros and cons of technology and tell them not to share any personal information online as it is not secure and can be retrieved easily.


Create an awareness about cyberbullying as much as possible as it might help someone who has witnessed it or witnessing it presently and not able to share it with anyone.

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