Liver Transplant and Alcohol Consumption: A Deadly Combination

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India is the biggest importer of scotch whiskey in the world. After reading this statement, it should not surprise you to know that India’s capital Delhi enjoys its fair share of having a good time.

While having a good time is fine but overdoing or becoming an addict is a straight ticket to liver damage. There are three stages: Fatty liver (Stage I), Alcoholic hepatitis (Stage II), and Alcoholic cirrhosis (Stage III).

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Liver transplant is the only option once advanced alcoholic cirrhosis sets in. It’s a blessing to have more than one hospital which can claim the recognition of being the best liver transplant hospital in Delhi. This assures quality treatment is available at many health centers.


Excess alcohol consumption is a major cause of liver failure and often requires a liver transplant procedure. Here’s a short guide to this procedure. 

A liver transplant procedure is a medical surgery that replaces the patient’s damaged liver with a healthy liver donated by an organ donor.

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The Evaluation Process:

There are a variety of tests the patient has to undergo before being recognized as a transplant candidate. The patients are then put on a waiting list depending upon the urgency.

Liver donors in many cases are recently deceased but there are occasions when a healthy living person donates a part of his/her liver.

The Procedure:

Orthotopic Transplant- Most common, surgeon makes a cut in your stomach and removes the liver and transplants the donor’s liver.

Liver Donor Transplant- Used when the donor is alive. The transplanted liver’s right lobe is recommended for adults and the left lobe for children.

Split Donation: Performed when there are one donor and two recipients: adult and child.

Post Procedure:

Once the procedure is performed, the patient is moved to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). A ventilator helps him/her breathe. Two to three weeks is the minimum time post which a patient can be discharged from the hospital.

 A liver transplant procedure is a serious procedure. Ensure you take care your liver and body. After all, a fit body saves you a lot of money and your life. 

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