Localised Digital Marketing – expanding a niche to a nation.

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Brands today are not restricted by the conformities of their community. In a consumer driven market, opinions and reviews are core elements. Brands make tireless efforts to appease their customers to create long lasting loyalties. Creation of innovative strategies and promotion ideas has added excessive pressure on the marketing teams for successful brands.

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A new wave, powered by technology, having full-proof capabilities to target customers is here. Digital marketing has created a shift in the way brands communicate with their audiences. Having adopted various innovative strategies, the brand marketing industry has become highly competitive. For this reason, big brands are searching for newer concentrated ideas to target their customers. Localized digital marketing strategies, aim at primarily targeting local market audiences and help in improving engagement. This style of strategics has been making marketing news for a few years. Brands like Airbnb have managed to create a niche of loyal customers by pragmatically enhancing their businesses locally. 

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In order to understand the importance of localized digital marketing and the strategies applied by successful brands, we must first understand what the term means. Localised marketing would imply that brands focus on the locality they are based in. The likes, interests, activities and psyche of the local audiences need to be analysed in order to implement targeted strategies. As businesses start to expand, their localized marketing strategies will help separate successful businesses from failed investments. 

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Now, let us move on to the formation of successful local marketing strategies. It helps in adding a certain USP to your brand. All across the digital landscape, brands are churning out high quality, innovative, shareable content. In turn, consumers soak up this content and project their appreciation with a number of likes, shares and comments. Small local businesses have the opportunity to create engaging content that is customized to their local communities. Quality content is big on organic search ranking, helping to attract links, mentions and local traction. 


Airbnb uses this content marketing strategy in the form of Airbnb Neighborhoods. These are local city guides that are published by the brand. They take popular cities and segregate them into neighborhoods providing a comprehensive guide for travelers. It provides information such as spots where travelers to eat, shop, party also highlights hot spots for adventure sports in the area. The best part is, through this the brand will provide various stay options that are in close proximity to that neighborhood.

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Niche Influencer Marketing is one of the most highly engaging trends in digital marketing at the moment. This would imply that local brands get in touch with niche influencers who have an active and loyal following, based on a specific sphere of interests. This is a highly engaging and economically friendly way of marketing. Research bloggers and influencers in your city or town, match and align their spheres of interests with your brand image. If both are a match then you have yourself an influencer marketing strategy.

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Brands also optimize traction by using social media advertising and local search ads as a way to gain eyeballs. Social media networks are the most engaging platforms today, to gain viewers to talk about your brand. Indulging in quality visual content for social media will go a long way. Platforms such as Facebook help in targeting your ads according to the community, based on your region, zip code etc. This will help creating awareness, conversation and eventually lead up to monetary conversions.

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There is no doubt that this wave of communication has managed to debunk any previous form of marketing. Digital marketing and now specifically localised marketing has helped brands to expand in their respective communities. Using the same strategies, brands are intensifying nationally and internationally as well. Airbnb is a classic example of this sudden surge in driven demand and active audience engagement.  


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