Low-Level Laser Therapy: A wonderful source to provide quick pain relief

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LLLT or low-level laser therapy is said to be commonly used to provide temporary relief to the pain that is associated with the neck, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. As a matter of fact, this type of therapy does come with proven benefits to provide treatment to the wounds and to heal it effectively. LLLT is not known to emit any vibration, sound or heat. The process is known to deliver combination of laser and monochromatic light radiation. Typically, the therapy is delivered by a qualified physician or the health care professionals.

A significant treatment method

Mainstream medicine has been accepting LLLT with time and does have the potentiality to offer immense relief to people in millions, especially those suffering from acute pain. It also offers satisfaction to those patients suffering from wounds which are found not to heal properly. The entire procedure is painless, lasting for around ten minutes. The treatment needs to be administered at least twice a week, depending upon the needs of the individual patient. Patients suffering from chronic pain, arising from neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis or because of inflammation can get quick relief by availing laser therapy. Using Portable Laser Therapy Unit can help to improve significantly the quality of life of the patient.

Benefits derived

With low-level laser therapy, it becomes possible to increase endorphins and serotonin, to improve blood circulation. This can prove to be beneficial to those suffering from diabetes and find their wounds to heal very slowly. For those suffering from arthritis, there is noticed increase in lymphatic flow, resulting in reduced edema. Those having rheumatoid arthritis are to understand that pain is caused by chronic inflammation, thus contributing to damaging the joints permanently.

For postoperative pain, LLLT is found to be effective. Surgical patients in double blind study having received 6-8 minute laser therapy are said to experience pain levels ranging from moderate to mild. The patients not having received LLLT are said to have faced severe to moderate pain levels. Studies are being conducted for getting evidence of laser therapy efficacy. Laser Therapy Unit for Physiotherapy is a great way to offer immense relief to the patients suffering from acute pain.

About LLLT

In general, LLLT is known as laser acupuncture. It is at the pressure points that laser gets applied. This is also called low power laser therapy or cold laser therapy. LLLT is slowly gaining popularity in traditional medicine. This therapy is covered by few healthcare insurance providers and the treatment comes with CPT code for the purpose of billing. This form of treatment is completely painless or safe. People who suffer from pain, more specially of the chronic type are find relief from the therapy used. With this therapy in place, the patients just need to lose their pain.


Different types of products are available in the market and not all might be created equal. It is the physicians who will recommend the type of product to be used. It will be better to use a product which is FDA approved.

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