Lux Sportswear – Are people still rating the Athleisure trend?

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The Athleisure trend covers apparel that is sportswear that also looks fashionable outside of the gym, in other words – luxury sportswear.

A number popular brands, including high-end brands such as Chanel and Marc Jacobs, have launched luxury sportswear collections in the last few years and although many seem to think the trend may be over, a number of people feel this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you’re still keen the try this look, here are a few tips on how to make Athleisure work for you…

Add a Little Colour

Like streetwear, athleisure is often worn in neutral colours, such as black, white, nude and grey. However, many brands are moving away from plain tones this year and have launched bright-coloured, patterned gym wear collections for the summer. Puma has given a funky touch to its collection of training T-shirts, whilst Nike now has a variety of colourful sports bras available for women. Monochromatic tones are a common sight, such as the men’s tracksuits, whereas yoga pants are often seen sporting geometric prints this year.

Seek out some Sneakers 

If your outfit is casual, you need to make sure your shoes match the look. Designers like Valentino and Chanel have launched couture trainers this year and Adidas Sam Smith trainers have made a huge comeback. If you want to wear more formal shoes, go for loafers, slip-ons or ankle boots, but avoid stilettos and wedges. We recommend looking to Android Homme and Anthony Morato if you want to nail athleisure footwear. 

Strike the Right Balance

For everyone who loves dressing comfortably, athleisure is a win-win. You can dress it convenient yoga pants and combine them with sexy ankle boots, or slip on a long black trench coat over a practical sports top like Kendall Jenner is famous for. However, always make sure you team your sports outfit with something more normal to wear. Don’t wear head-to-toe tracksuits, but break it up: wear your sweatpants with a leather jacket or your hoody with flattering skinny jeans. Your aim is to look relaxed and effortlessly chic, not plain lazy.



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