Luxurious Green Home Designs

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Now, almost every home can be luxurious, but can it be green at the same time? If your answer was no, guess again. Why? Well, according to a lot of designers and builders, a real modern home is all about luxury and eco-friendliness. So, even though many people would have you believe going green means “doing without,” you can easily make your home eco-friendly and still have absolutely everything you need. That said, we made a list of four green home designs that are guaranteed to be exactly what you’re looking for.


Going for a natural swimming pool

One of the best things you can do in order to make your home both green and luxury, is go for a natural swimming pool. These things have been popular in Europe for quite some time and it seems the rest of the world is now becoming aware of what natural pools have to offer. What’s so great about them is that they really do look amazing and offer a much lower carbon footprint. If you decide to build a natural swimming pool, it means you’ll have to rely on materials such as gravel, stone or clay. Also, you’ll need to rely on aquatic plants to clean your water instead of filters many homeowners still use.

Building with locally sourced materials

Not so long ago, builders simply had to rely on locally sourced materials, since that was their only option. Today, building materials are easily shipped all over the world and you can choose what you’re going to have your home made of. Still, if you opt for locally sourced materials, you’ll lower your carbon footprint, since there will be no need for your materials to go a long distance in order to reach your land. And, no matter if you’re building a home from scratch or you’re just adding a room, locally sourced materials such as local granite or limestone are always going to make your home more unique and luxurious.

Relying only on LED lighting

We’ve all heard so much about the advances in LED technology during the last couple of years. First of all, by using LED light bulbs you’ll be using much less energy than standard incandescent ones, which is exactly what you should be aiming at when going green. On top of that, LED bulbs last much longer, which means you’ll have to deal with replacing them less often. And since the popularity of LED Lights grew so much recently, today they come in various different types and colors. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to find LED Lights that are going to add luxury and style to your home.

Relying on solar panels

One of the best things you can do when going green is lower the amount of electricity your household uses. Innovations in the green industry have brought us solar panels which have been specifically designed to help you do this. So, make sure you contact the pros and have them install these on your rooftop. Moreover, you can think about getting a battery such as Sonnen Batterie Eco that stores the energy your panels have collected and can reduce your energy bills to $0. And since today it’s all about going green, there’s hardly a better way to make your home more luxurious than making it electricity-independent.


These are the designs most of today’s homeowners went for when trying to go both green and luxurious. Follow their example, and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. And just remember that you should always keep looking for some new ideas for making your home green and luxury.

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