Luxurious Home Remodel Ideas

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A home remodel is more than a self-indulgent project – clever home improvements can actually be a great investment. Conversely, luxuries are supposed to make your life at home cozier and sweeter, and this is of irreplaceable, personal value. Here are some great remodeling ideas that will simultaneously make your life more enjoyable and add up to the home value.



There’s nothing worse than a badly lit home. You can try and compensate for this by only hosting open house events in broad daylight during sunny summer days, but not only will an experienced customer (or the one who’s hired an expert) notice this fact, but your very own coziness will be put at stake. Although not many homes have enough extra room for that huge window on their sunny sides, there is another way to let the sunshine in – skylights let the natural light fill the room, warming and lighting it up. Essentially, they make it appear as if the ceiling lighting fixture was supplying the area with natural light. Skylights are both luxurious and smart!

Heated bathroom floors

The bathroom is the heart of a home for a good reason – if a potential buyer is a bit reluctant about buying a home, the bathroom will probably make it or break it. There aren’t many bathroom remodel ideas that are more luxurious and desirable than heated bathroom floors. Installed under tile, the thin, thermostatically-controlled electric radiant mats are perfect for cold mornings – most systems are equipped with timers, so that the bathroom floors can be warm enough for your morning showers.
Even though this improvement may seem expensive, the average price for material and installation is around $15/sq ft and this makes heated bathroom floors an incredibly reliable investment.


The open floor plan

This trend has been experiencing a relatively recent boost in popularity, and not without a reason.
But first, for those who may or may not have been living under a rock for the past decade: an open floor plan is a large common area that features three different, yet not separate rooms: the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. This concept is achieved without any physical separators between the three – instead of walls, it’s the themes, colors and decorations that are used to make the rooms feel openly connected, yet somewhat separate.
So, back to the reason behind their popularity: it’s simple, the open floor plans use their openness to inspire a unique feeling of freedom and work their magic to bring families together, but without feeling as if they were in the exact same room. The open floor plan is a marvelous piece of design, but also a solid investment into your home’s future.

Roof remodel

It might not seem so, but your roof plays a key role in your home’s appearance. Sure, no one will be able to see it from your doorstep, but the roof makes or breaks a house from the distance, which means that maintaining it properly is of vast importance for the visitors’ first impression. Typically, unless if the thing is decades or centuries old and/or has experienced zero maintenance, a simple cleaning project will do, which you can easily handle on your own. Make sure that you equip yourself with quality and safe access equipment – there is nothing more important when remodeling a home than your own safety.


It’s amazing how much a couple of simple ideas can boost your home; in general, and in terms of price. In any case, by installing skylights and heated bathroom floors, by not being afraid to tear a wall or two down and by treating your roof properly, you will definitely make your home more appealing to both you and the future potential buyers.

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