Luxury Accessories For Your Galaxy S8 Plus: Headphones, Skins, And Clutches

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You already have the most premium smartphone that money can buy, but so does over 5 million people around the world. With Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus practically flying off of the shelves, you’ll need to invest in the following luxury accessories if you expect you and your elite tastes to stand out from the crowd.

Crystal Rocked Headphones


Nobody wants to get caught wearing the free pair of AKG earbuds bundled with Samsung’s flagship. The Korean-based company claims these are premium earbuds, but they fail to pass our test. It’s true AKG is a relatively household name, but their $99 headphones won’t do Major Lazer’s latest single any justice.

The Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones from Crystal Rocked, on the other hand, are exactly what you need when you’re ready to blast your running playlist. They’re equipped with the latest noise cancellation technology that allows you to customize how much background noise it lets through. That means you can choose to hear the surrounding traffic behind the beats as you hit the pavement, then drown out all ambient noise for an immersive listening session back at home. They’re also volume-optimized to provide the perfect balance during any song at any volume.

More importantly, the Bose QuietControl 30 headphones are decorated with Swarovski crystal in 4 exclusive colors, including Jet Hematite, Light Chrome, Aurum, and Rose Gold. Though small, they’ll catch the light and show off to everyone your expensive tastes.

Galaxy Skins or Decals

You’re already one step ahead of the game with the Galaxy S8 Plus in your back pocket. Critics have given it the title of best smartphone on the market for its sheer processing power and crystal clear, edge-to-edge Infinity Display. This premium handset oozes luxury, but its basic 5 color options barely scrape the surface of originality. That’s where the exceptional Galaxy skins from the minds over at dbrand come in.

The designers at dbrand HQ use authentic 3M vinyl in all of their wraps. This is the very same material that’s used to decorate Lamborghinis, so you can trust it’s a durable application that will look as sophisticated as the S8 Plus itself. You’ve probably heard of this brand before. Since they’re called the “boss of vinyl” they have huge purchasing power with 3M. This translates into exclusive access to certain textures, so their catalogue will always have the coolest Galaxy S8 Plus skins online.

From natural fibers like bamboo and leather to on-trend marble and dragon skin, there’s astyle that can transform your S8 Plus into the unique device you want it to be. Though it’s by far the most affordable option on the list at under $100, it looks as lavish as any other accessory listed today.

The Navdy AR Navigation System

If you rely on your phone to get around the city and have a terrible habit of checking messages when you’re behind the wheel, Navdy’s $800 Windshield Projector is a safe navigation option and a luxury accessory all rolled into one. It relies on the latest Augmented Reality tech to project details about your route roughly 2 meters ahead of your car. Your map and directions will look like they’re hovering just above your headlights in full-color HUD display. By keeping this info in line with the road, you won’t have to look away from the highway to check if the next turn is coming up.

The portable device pairs with an app downloaded to your S8, so it can alert you of any incoming calls and texts to your phone as you drive. These alerts and messages are also projected into your line of sight. Navdy responds to a variety of basic gestures and voice commands, so you won’t have to physically touch your Galaxy or take both hands off of the wheel in order to reply.


Edie Parker Clutch

Found at the flagship store on Madison Avenue and most Saks, the Edie Park brand has become synonymous with luxury and style. From the hottest Hollywood actresses to the biggest fashion editors, everyone who’s anyone has an Edie Park clutch. You can see them at the Oscars, Emmys, and even the Met Galas, where celebs like Emma Roberts and Allison Williams show off daring styles on the red carpet.

Be like Sofia Vergara or Giovanna Battaglia and get your beautiful clutch personalized with your name, initials, or an inspiring quote. You can also customize its hinge closure or lock with a detailed charm that matches the fabric or painted motif perfectly to show just how trendy you are.


Each one is handmade in the US using the most luxurious materials and acrylic paints in a labour of love that shows its quality. These fashionable must-haves have the space to fit your S8 along with the necessary cash, cards, and lipstick you need for a night out. Our favorite is the Flavia Fruit Cocktail for a cool $1,595. Its fun fruit motif in bright colors, pearlescent, and emerald with gold hardware is perfect for the summer.

With a little help from any or all of the items of this list, your Galaxy transforms from an amazing yet common smartphone into an exclusive handset that radiates luxury. Accessorize at will and create a Galaxy you’ll be proud to show off to the masses.


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