Luxury Brands: Secrets about Celine Trends Spring 2017

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“I want to show that our bodies are bound to the world whether we like it or not”. These were the words of Philo from the artist Dan Graham. It is so amazing to imagine a time when your clothes just speak for themselves in an attempt to portray who you are. What would people think after seeing you on that favorite outfit of yours? It looks like Phoebe Philo has reached this point. She has never attempted to say anything about the clothes she wore after her show.

 She has always been the girl who stood out from the abstract and always gave rational justifications for her work. Life really moves fast and if you don’t look at what happens around you, you will miss it then. In the setup of today, the clothes speak more on what a woman’s life is. One of the most talked about shows is Celine’s spring 2017 collection at this moment. This is a creative fashion designer who mixes complete feminine nature with great urban chic motifs.

In case you need a trouser suit, Philo suggests that it should be with a coat or a jacket with kick flares which have been cropped. It can be won with long skirts which have been printed. A perfect bag for women who are not comfortable to walk around with IT bags is a gimmick classic bag with a free top handle as if it might be from Celine’s archive.

 Something that attracts most women to Celine’s trends is the non-conformist taste level of Philo. Currently, her sense of brilliant colours shows that distinction. Mint-green together with Magenta united in low-waist cotton shirt dress with a flowy skirt and red boots not forgetting a bag.

 The artist Dan Graham helped Phoebe Philo to make her spring Celine show stunning. The role that fashion plays in telling the story of how human nature has been.

The ready to wear collection of Celine Spring 2017 was sophisticated displaying outerwear-inspired staples. It focuses strongly on cozier figures comprising of textures, cuts, and lines.

Different materials were also displayed by Phoebe Philo dominated with a fabric of sleek leather and silk. Sweatshirts, blazers and not forgetting trench coats appeared warmer that you could feel like going to buy them the moment you saw.

Some staples might seem to look heavy weight but they brought an impression of a relaxed line up in perceptions and lines.

Apart from the bright whites, the collection of Celine trends in spring 2017 includes mint greens and reds, among the soft yellows.

Philo’s Celine trends spring 2017 was more of urban chic as portrayed by the soundtrack of the show. Ankle boots and pointy-toe flats which are not paired have been alternated with the fancy sneakers.

As time keeps moving, Philo is quieter about her collections while most designers would love to show off what they have. She comes up with ways to untether the body through transferring naked silhouettes into the nice maxi dresses.



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