Luxury Villa Worth $250,000,000 Will Blow Your Mind!

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Luxury elements always brought the attention of the person
and made a memory that impossible to sneaks out your eye – let’s have look
towards luxury villa that will bring your mind.

The luxury homes are the dream of every person and everyone
wants to buy the luxury villas as such interiors are the reflection of glamor,
elegance, and sophistication – the luxury villas contain luxury living rooms,
master bedrooms, and the luxury bathrooms and theaters.

Let’s have look towards the luxury villa that price
$250,000,000 and its features as quality attracts quality and people will know
about the style.

Luxury Showroom:

Have you ever dream of luxury showroom at the home and enjoy
the ride of rarest cars then this luxury villa will attract you with its beauty
and the attractive elements as it contains the attractive showroom for cars
where the world fastest and rarest cars are stored – the cars including some of
the biggest names in the world.

Real Gold and Silver Bowling Pins:

Do you want to play the bowling pins but the bowling pins
are made up of gold and silver? This home villa contains bowling pins designed
with real gold and silver provides you the space to enjoy the moments.

Luxury Theaters:

This luxury villa contains the biggest screen for the
residential house as you can enjoy the movie with the family or relatives at
home with the comfortable seats that can tend to the bed and relax your body
while watching the theater and the result of the screen is HD and seems as you
are watching real.

Candy Walls:

This is amazing and nobody even dreams it as reality? This
luxury villa contains the candy wall worth $250,000 where you enjoy the candies
and beauty in reality.


The villa also provides you space to store the luxury items
or belongings as the villa contain 20-foot tall safe wall for the people.


Turning staircase:

The villa contains luxury staircase as the worth of the
staircase is $2 million and the stairs are able to turn and it is the only home
with the turning staircase.

Infinity pool:

The villa also provides you chance to enjoy swimming as the
villa contains the largest infinity pool where you enjoy the beauty of water
and you can also enjoy the theater while swimming outside or sitting outside as
outdoor theater pops up.

VIP guest suites:

The luxury villa contains twelve oversized VIP guest suites
that will provide you a chance to entertain your guest with luxury accessories
and also villa contains 21 luxury bathrooms to provide you a chance to bath
with the real beautiful elements.

The luxury villa contains most advanced smart home
technology with helipad and place for enjoying golf with friends and you need
to visit this villa.

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