Madonna’s favorite handbag designers

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Celebrity tastes, their choices, and preferences have always been the most requested info among the fans. Many aspire to live just the way their favorite celebs live and would opt for the same lifestyle to feel what they feel in reality. In this case, celebrity outfits and accessories are always the trendiest and trendsetting options. One of the most trendsetters is definitely Madonna with her unique style and accessory choices. Let’s find out Madonna’s favorite handbag designers and her hottest choices.

Madonna’s Gucci Handbag


Madonna’s number one favorite handbag choice is Gucci. Lately, we have seen her with a large handbag from Gucci’s Fall 2016 runway collection. It’s a cool combination of a comfy material and a graffiti touch named “Gucci”. She had it before it would appear in stores and it seems as if she has found a cozy handbag to take every necessary with her. However, this is not the only Gucci handbag she wears.

Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Handbag


The next most popular handbag designer among stylish women is Louis Vuitton. Madonna likes to rock a posh Louis Vuitton handbag with great pleasure. And why do celebrities appreciate this brand so much? It’s probably because Louis Vuitton is always there when we look for quality and elegance. Madonna’s Louis Vuitton handbag is in red and gray shades, which create an interesting contrast and look eye-catching with the white “LV” marks.


Madonna’s ‘Dealer’ Handbag


Everybody was lately speaking about Madonna’s passion towards her new purse. It’s the sophisticated ‘dealer’ handbag that captures so many hearts with its classy and comfy nature. As a trendy black crocodile handbag, it stands out with its metallic elements and the word ‘dealer’ placed in the very center of the bag. It’s chosen by many other celebrities too.

Madonna’s Ralph Lauren Ricky Handbag


Another large and convenient handbag from Madonna’s fancy wardrobe is the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag. She recently carried this oversized version of the Ricky through JFK. Her state is really between the coziest and classiest designer bags.

Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Mahina Handbag


Mahina handbag is another cool accessory by Louis Vuitton’s posh collection. Madonna has chosen it to match with her white coat. It’s a great combo taking into account the fact that she has blonde hair and light complexion, black handbags suit her style and entire appearance.

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