Mahanandi Temple

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India is a secular country and has been a birthplace of many religions. Hinduism is most popular religion and is represented by the number of temples in all the nooks and corners of the country.  One such temple is the Mahanandi temple or Mahanandiswara Swamy Devasthanam.


Mahanandi temple, situated inside thick forests east of Nallamala hills, is about 21kms from Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh, India.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his gate-guardian Nandi. It is an ancient shrine built 1,500 years ago and is encircled by 8 other Nandi shrines together called Nava Nandis.


Special Architectural features of the temple

The Mahanandi Temple Timings has three freshwater pools of which two are in the entrance and one is in the temple campus.  Also called Kalyani or Pushkarni, these pools have been built in a special way.  Some features of the holy tank are:

  • The tank measures 60 square feet and has a mandapa(pavilion) in the centre;
  • The inlets and outlets are arranged in such a way that the depth of water in the tank remains at a constant five feet;
  • Water flow is the same in all seasons;
  • Water emerges from the Swayambhu Lingam in the Garbhagriha(sanctum sanatorium);

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