Making Construction Site Accident Compensation Claim

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Accidents are the part of real life and usually happen to the people due to their negligence. But what if the accident happens due to the mistake of someone else?


The working environment always contains a number of hazards that cause severe injuries to the people but a construction site is always a difficult place for work. If you ever become the victim of an accident at the construction site then you are eligible for making the compensation claim and get the payment for the expenses you suffered.


The construction site is one of the most dangerous work environments and the owner of the place and constructor should need to make sure the environment is friendly for all the workers and protect the lives of people. The government and health department issues guideline for the business owner performing a task at the construction site to make sure their employee remain safe and secure at the place.


Types of Accident in the Construction Industry


Accidents commonly happen due to the negligence of the employees but there is also some reason that shows accident at the construction site and sometimes leads to the death of the person. These accidents are:


·         Injuries caused by defective scaffolding

·         Falls from ladders

·         The failure of safety harnesses

·         Failure to fence off or support holes

·         Failure to fence off roofs

·         Injuries caused by forklifts or other trucks

·         Chemical spillages

·         The malfunction of tools

·         Poor site layout

·         Insufficient safety guidelines and training


For instance, if the worker doesn’t have adequate training working with the machinery then it is also a reason of accident at the construction site. It is also a responsibility of the constructor to make sure they have well-skilled and educated employees and able to perform the duty.


Making a Construction Accident Claim


If you have becomes the victim of construction site accident while it is not your fault then you are eligible for making the compensation claim. The fact is that it is the right of every employee to get the payment from the employer if they have injured at the workplace environment.


These rights are given to the people through the HSE and it is the liability of the organization. However, it is down to you to make an individual claim to help you move on from any personal suffering you have faced since a construction accident. A successful claim will not only hold the perpetrator responsible, but it will also help cover medical treatment for a faster recovery, repay any money lost through loss of income or hospital visits, and can even help adapt your car or home if you have been left with a physical disability.


As there are plenty of hazards in the workplace environment and construction site then the amount of compensation varies. If you ever become the victim make sure to record the accident at the record book of the construction site. If you have access to the camera than taking the photos of the scene and also injuries you suffered. If there is eyewitness make sure to write down the personal information of them for making claim.



At last, make sure to engage with personal injury solicitor in blackburn that have years of experience dealing with the construction site compensation claim. 

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