Mary Knowlton was shooting

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A Florida police officer killed Mary Knowlton. It was just an accident during a training exercise. She lost her life in this accident. Click here and watch the video of Mary Knowlton. According to Star Tribune, The officer, Lee Coel, was in charge for shooting Knowlton, who was 73 at that time.  The “shoot/don’t shoot” exercise was started, and the fatal shot was fired. According to the Daily Mail, that incident took place as the demonstration in August during a citizen’s police academy. Knowlton has two kids, and she is a retired school librarian.  According to WINK News, the Coel was taken into custody but was released then after posting a $5,000 bail. He was scheduled to appear in court and is not arrested. Knowlton was randomly selected to participate that ultimately led to her death in the training exercise, According to the Daily Mail. Coel was doing the “wrong guy,” In a role-playing exercise. He was holding a gun in his possession. However, the gun was not supposed to be the empty not full of bullets. Coel was firing the shot that ended up hitting Knowlton. The run has gone in her shoulder and chest, according to her husband who was about 10 feet away from her. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement provided the administrative leave following the incident. “Coel did not know there was live ammunition in that gun. He’s devastated,” Coel’s attorney, Jerry Berry, said Star Tribune noted.

According to Star Tribune, Berry said,

“Once we can present our side of the case and additional facts that [prosecutors] might not know about, we’re comfortable that the case will be dismissed or a jury will find him not guilty,”


Mary Knowlton was killed by the police officer in charge. Watch the video and see the full story.

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