MaxBounty Hosting Review 2017 :- An In-depth Honest Review From My Personal Experience

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1) Maxbounty Hosting Reviews has been the greatest panel web hosting company we have ever tested. Their max speed zone technology ensure the shortest network route, the quickest server response, and ensure websites are loaded fast. All these put into place and result in staggering fast responding web hosting service, and the sites hosted on it are the greatest. We are excited to find web hosting company that offers more than usual and more than others. Yes, we have to host plan with too. We are hosting with them for several years, and we see they’re different. Their web hosting service is faster and more reliable compared to many other top web hosts!

And we are glad to see in motion web host offering high-quality panel web hosting plans. They have an essential program from 3 dollars, and business plan from 5.95 dollars. There is an upgrade option to higher performance virtual private server VPS plan and dedicated servers plan.

Besides providing web hosting services, maxbounty hosting also has web design service to fulfill your business needs. Creating a professional website that looks stunning is now an option with maxbounty web host. And they have features to support e-commerce site too. Shopping carts software is provided in business plans, and you can add dedicated IPs and private SSL cert if you are going to host https website. Everything you are going to need and use is provided in this one-stop web hosting provider.


2) Maxbounty Hosting Rating

This is one great web hosting company, utilizes the latest panel and offers the highest quality. They are something else, with max speed zone and server optimization, this maxbounty Cpanel hosting plan is at its greatest! And here is our maxbounty rating and voting cast


3) Maxbounty Features Review

What makes this Cpanel web hosting company something else, and what they are offering? Maxbounty web host is something else, and they are all you need in hosting websites online. They have web hosting plan for every type of users and application. From starting, they have a personal hosting package price at $3 per month and suitable for personal websites publishing need. Host your websites, blog, gallery, club, and anything else online. Price at three dollars only!


When you need to go serious and to run a business for real, what you need is a reliable and high-quality web hosting plan. Maxbounty hosting has a business package that is 50% faster than personal plan, and they have three business plans for you to select too. Various business hosting features including:

  • spam safe email
  • premium website builder
  • max speed zone enabled
  • data backup
  • top-tier network and best uptime rating

Maxbounty web host uses the secure web hosting environment, and its designed for hosting your business websites. They provide future upgrades too when you need better uptime rating, speed, and better experience, maxbounty have VPS web hosting plan that meets your requirement. Their VPS plan is not the cheapest, as because they provide premium data bandwidth that has the highest speed and uptime rating, this is what your business need. And they provide high-speed dedicated servers plan too, choose this if you need the top class performance.


5) Maxbounty Hosting Uptime Rating


We review a web host and track its service uptime too. How are we doing it? We have web hosting account signup with maxbounty web hosting, hosted a website in it, and track this site uptime rating over the internet. By this, we can know its total uptime rating which including server uptime and network uptime in total. And this shows our website’s online availability percentage too.


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