“Microsoft Word has stopped working.” In Windows 10 How To Fix?

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MS Office 2016 Has Stopped Working or not Opening! Don’t worry it happens.

Keep scrolling and reading this article for the solution.

It really becomes frustrating when you try to open your office 2016 and you found that it has stopped working or not responding. But if you are here on this blog then you don’t need to worry at all, here we have offered the best solution for this error.

Step To Fix Office 2016 Error

1. Install latest Windows updates: Be sure that you’re totally updated, restart your computer, and after that re-launch your office application. You may be able to fix a lot of problems. If you don’t have idea about how to update windows 10 then you may speak to Windows 10 Support Number.

2. Open office 2016 in safe mode:

Opening the application in safe setting could assist identify if the problem is generated by an office add-in, which is a usual issue.

Commend to open Office 2016 Apps in Safe mode in Windows 10

For Excel: excel/ safe

For Outlook: Outlook/safe

For Winward: Winword/safe

For PowerPoint: powerpnt/safe

For Publisher: mspub/safe

For Visio: Visio/safe

According to Microsoft, “If the office application does not start in Safe Mode, the problem isn’t with add-ins.” If the application does start in safe mode, try disabling your add-ins individually:

·         Go to the File then Options.

·         Select Add-ins.

·         From the Manage option, click COM Add-Ins and then Go.

·         Uncheck the add-ins and click OK.

·        Now open the office 2016 in a regular mode

You can visit the official website and confirm that you have upgraded the latest version version.


3. Reconfigure your video settings. You could be experiencing your Workplace 2016 problem as a symptom of a video clip configuration problem with your COMPUTER.

These three steps may easily fix your majority of your issue which has stopped your office 2016 program for responding and opening. If you need support then you have to get in touch with experts by dialing Office 2016 Tech Support Number +1800-982-0436. The tech experts are waiting to resolve your issue withing less time.




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