Mistakes Brides Make When Meeting With Vendors

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Wedding comes with several responsibilities and being a couple you have to deal with different tasks including planning & preparing for the wedding.  When you begin with the planning section you need to book a wedding card designer, select a florist, musician & DJ, band manager, hair stylist, caterer, apparel designer, dress tailor, staff to handle the management and more. You have to look for the different wedding planners, visit different stores and search online to find the perfect according to your requirements and budget. After the search you have to take more than one meeting with each of those vendors. It allows you to make a check over their services and every details they are about to provide. You should take trial of wedding apparel, make up, invitation cards, hair style and more for your special day.


When you take a meeting with these vendors makes a clear interaction about what your expectation are and what they agree to deliver.  Still, after knowing everything brides commit mistakes when meeting with vendors. These are as following, have a look:


 Not having a price in mind before you meet

When going to the meeting you should know exactly how much you want to spend with the vendor before you meet. If you are going for the meeting without any knowledge about their services and its costs then it’s a total gaffe. In such case, you’ll agree on whatever price they give you and less likely to negotiate in such condition.

Not getting a final contract

Don’t hire any vendor without filling the contract. There’s no guarantee that every vendor is organized or official enough in their business to have them. So never pay single buck or deposit any amount without contract.  

Not checking references

Read all the review of the vendors you are going to select for the wedding. It’s not good to drop a lot of money without any thorough check up on them. After reading the reviews ask them for references. You can use social media to contact the bride where they have worked in past. And ask them to rate them to get an idea.

Except these arrangements, let them double book on your wedding day, allow the venue to dictate the vendors, and not negotiating, such mistakes brides often make that result into wastage of money and improper wedding arrangements. 


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