Mobile Home Remodeling on a Budget

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Remodeling a mobile home can seem like a daunting task. It is hard to know where to start, and exactly how much money to put into it. While modern mobile homes do hold their value, they do not usually develop the kind of equity you will find in a traditional home.


So how do you remodel a mobile home and stay within your budget? You need to carefully plan ahead of time exactly what you can spend, and on what part of your home. To do this, you need to evaluate realistically what you need before you start. Here are a few keys to mobile home remodeling on a budget.


The Roof


Just like the roof on a traditional home, the roof on a mobile home can experience wear, and sometimes more wear than a traditional roof. There are two types of mobile home roofs: flat and pitched. The options for each type of mobile home roof repair are very similar, although a pitched roof resembles the roof on a traditional home in many ways.


?       Roof repairs on individual areas: This can be done on either flat or pitched roofs. This is a good option if there is isolated damage, but the roof as a whole is in good shape.

?       Roof replacement: You can replace your current roof with another one similar in material or just like it.

?       Roof over: On a mobile home, you can choose to put a new roof over the old one. For instance, if you have a flat roof now, you can do a roof over that it pitched, and will likely last longer.


How do you evaluate these options? First, you need to determine how long you plan to keep the home, or if you plan to sell it. Roof overs can be very expensive depending on the size of your home and the materials you choose. While it will make the home more appealing to a buyer, they may not be willing to pay what it cost you to put it on.


Secondly, you must think about the other improvements you are doing to your home. If they add enough value, it may be worth it to invest more in your roof. On the other hand, it does little good to make interior and exterior improvements if you have a leaky roof which can cause damage to the other work you are doing.


Curb Appeal


Mobile homes often lack the curb appeal of a traditional home, but they do not have to. You can increase the curb appeal of your mobile home in a number of ways.


?       Creative Skirting. From stone look skirting to other colors and looks, new skirting that varies from the traditional tin can make a huge difference in how your home looks from the outside.

?       Build a Deck: a porch or deck can add a great look to your home, and can add to its value in a big way. If you choose to do a roof over or already have one like mentioned above, extending it and adding a porch will provide for a cozy outdoor space that can be used year round.

?       Add a Stone Patio: Home not suited for an above ground deck? Add a stone patio and landscaping to go with it.

?       Add a Fence: Fencing your lot, especially with an aesthetically pleasing fence can make a big difference in curb appeal without a huge expense.


Most of these curb appeal projects can be done even on a limited budget, but be sure you evaluate costs ahead of time. Do the big things, like the roof, first, before you tackle these projects.


Painting Outside


Many mobile homes come with siding that gets weather worn or sun faded depending on where you live. Usually, with the right paint, you can refresh this pretty easily. The issue is that sometimes this paint can get chalky, so you will need to clean and power wash it if you plan to do the painting yourself.


If you hire a professional, they will know exactly the kind of paint you need to have and what preparation steps you need to take. However, if you do it yourself, make sure you use a primer and the proper paint for the material your siding is made of.


The other option is that you can replace the siding. This does have the advantage that you can then replace the insulation underneath the siding and do any structural repairs to the exterior walls. The issue with this method is it can cost significantly more than simple painting.


Painting Inside


Painting the interior of a mobile home can have its challenges. Some older mobile homes have paneling that makes them look outdated, and is hard to paint. You can replace it with drywall, but that will add to your costs.


Also, in older mobile homes you will often find wallpaper covered drywall which also needs to be replaced. Removing the wallpaper can be next to impossible, and painting over it is a poor option even if you sand it well. As the wallpaper ages, it may peel, bringing your new paint with it.


Be sure to take these things into account with your budget. Do one room at a time, and finish big projects first, so that you do not have several rooms torn up at the same time. Be sure to take into account closets and other interior features that may also need to be remodeled and painted.




The flooring is a vital part of a mobile home remodel. New carpet and tile can seriously change the look of the interior of your home.


As you replace flooring, you can also look at the structure of the floor below. If you have any points that are sagging, creaking, or otherwise compromised, this is the time to repair or replace the subfloor.


While this sounds like an added expense, doing it at the time of a remodel is actually much cheaper than putting it off and doing it later since you will simply have to tear up your new flooring to do so.



Remodeling a mobile home is a bit different than the remodel you would do on a traditional home. The challenges are unique, and budget is an important consideration. Follow this guide each step of the way to keep your project on track without breaking the bank. 

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