Most common ISSUES raised while using Hyperion Essbase

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When connecting to Essbase data sources via Hyperion Essbase Deployment Services (EES), numeric values will improperly be returned as strings. This is a Hyperion issue. They claim that this will be fixed in a future release. The workaround is to bypass EES and connect to Essbase natively. (Hyperion Case #370427, DB2 Alphablox tracking #18668)

Drillthrough operations will not work when using Hyperion Essbase Integration Services (EIS) to access Hyperion Essbase Deployment Services (EDS), when the EDS server is deployed on Unix systems. This is a Hyperion issue. Hyperion states that EIS Drillthrough from EDS on UNIX platforms is not supported for 6.5.x. It is only supported on version 7, which is now available (DB2 Alphablox tracking #18681).

If the Essbase essbase.cfg configuration file has the SSLOGUNKNOWN property changed from its default value to FALSE, retrieving a Bookmark may display members which no longer exist in an outline. To avoid the problem, keep the SSLOGUNKNOWN property set to its default value of TRUE. This will enable DB2 Alphablox to detect the problem and return the appropriate error message. (DB2 Alphablox tracking #17941).

If you use Query Builder to construct a query against an Essbase data source using a calculated column name that appears as a number (e.g. 400), a calculated column error will be returned. The workaround is to rename the calculated column to something non-numeric. (DB2 Alphablox tracking #14491).

When using the {RENAME} command for a member, the interactivity in the grid is lost (no drilldown), any changes made to the members in the Page axis are ignored, any renamed members are not displayed in the chart. (DB2 Alphablox tracking #12591).

Using the ORDERBY command in your report specification returns members as a concatenated string instead of returning the discrete members in a comma delimited list. This causes an error to occur. Hyperion case #120488.

Using { PRINTROW “n” } with <PAGE member clauses in your report specification causes an error. Hyperion case #183804.

(Article Source : IBM)

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