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What better way to relax from a stressful week of work than to come home on a Friday evening, make a bucket of popcorn, grab a gallon of soda, and relax on the couch while streaming that latest film that you have been wanting to watch all week, along with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, or even friends? There’s no better way, I can tell you that. The greatest thing about streaming is that if you have a fast enough connection, you can watch pretty much anything in an instant – and in the comfort of your own home.


The past few years have been coming up with some pretty awesome films that it’s hard to pick just one filmto watch. But again, the best thing about streaming is that you can watch anything instantly, so you can go for movie on Sockshare marathon and watch a whole bunch, one after the other. Before the year is over and a new year begins, there are some movies you need to catch before you welcome in 2018. Here are some of the best films you need to check out that have come out (or will come out) this year. Wonder Woman – yes, superhero movies are no longer limited to our favorite male superheroes. Wonder Woman is finally here. The release of Wonder Woman will actually kick of the launch of…


·    The Justice League – following the release of Wonder Woman, along with the previous Batman and Superman Films, the Justice League will finally assemble. In the first movie of the Justice League, we’re going to meet The Black Panther, Aqua Man, Cyborg, and The Flash, along with Batman and Wonder Woman. Superman’s appearance is still a big question mark though.

·         Spider Man: Homecoming – now we welcome the younger Spider Man in the latest adaptation of the film’s series. This film shows his really early days and his beginning relationship with Iron Man.


·         Beauty and the Beast – here is another remake of a classical film. Beauty and the Beast has been remade so that the young kids of today will still know Belle, the Beast, and of course, all the jolly kitchen utensils!  Annabelle: Creation – The continuation of the creepy films before it, Annabelle Creation is sure to freak out all those in love with horror films! There are a lot of movies to choose from, but if you stream them straight into your laptop, you can spend the whole weekend resting on your couch. Now that is relaxation!

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