Mrs Funnybones Makes The Khiladi Read The Best Acceptance Speech Ever!

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The Vogue Beauty Awards took place a few days ago. Bollywood dressed in the best clothes money can buy to attend this event. For a change, the red carpet or who wore what didn’t make the latest Bollywood news. It was an acceptance speech which made all the headlines.

Vogue had decided to award Akshay Kumar with the ‘Most Beautiful Man of the Decade’ title. For his acceptance, the Khiladi pulled out a parchment and read a speech. A speech was written by the popular author Mrs Funnybones A.K.A. Twinkle Khanna.


What followed was gold. So popular was the acceptance speech video which Vogue uploaded on their website, even segments carrying Bollywood news in Hindi and other regional languages made sure to cover the speech.


Akshay began the speech with ‘To my overpaid trainer, and my underpaid cook, a big thank you for helping me maintain this ‘Beautiful Man of the Decade’ body which I have. Though part of the credit should also go to the fact that I did not have to carry my two children for nine whole months.’

Now that’s one opening we usually do not get to see in acceptance speeches which these days are as white and purified flour.

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As the speech continued, it was clear this was the work of Mrs Funnybones. There was not so subtle self-love too which Akshay read out loud – ‘And thus my stomach did not have to stretch to elephantine proportions, and then deflate to a small paunch with stretch marks and saggy skin that no amount of dieting can eradicate. It’s time for me to wind this up because it’s really not fair that I always reach home late, and I should not take anyone so much for granted. But before I leave I would once again like to thank my beautiful, talented wife.’

Count on Twinkle Khanna to leave everyone in splits. She not only left her mark on an event she did not attend but once again went on to prove the Harry Potter Quote right— “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” 

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