Must-follow Commercial Architecture of 2017

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Commercial architecture is witnessing continuous changes with latest styles and designs coming into light. And these trends are not architect-initiated instead they are inspired by the demands of surrounding world. This signifies that resource management and sustainability in commercial architecture is as important as design in any project. Owning to this, the architectural trends of this year are entirely for modern workspaces.

Here is the glimpse of some major trends:

Complex Designs

In this advanced digital world, the 3D designs have been popularly used for enhancing the beauty of a particular space, giving it an illusion of motion. Convulated patterns and complex intrications at various spaces have completely out-turned the simplistic designing structures. From office spaces to other commercial structures, it feels bliss to see 3D designs here and there.

Green Elements

Sustainability is the major core of every architectural trend emerging these days, leading to the rise of green buildings. Some of the most amazing commercial buildings are first built green whilst putting all sustainable designing elements. As a result, the rising number of concrete forests is slowly changing into a green land encompassing commercial buildings.

LED lighting

Switching to a cheaper and efficient lighting method is one key to getting closer to sustainable architectural techniques. Putting LED lighting at perforated spaces and prominent features enhances the beauty of a particular space without putting any extra efforts. The most beneficial aspect of putting LED lighting is that it not only saves money but also provides a sparkling alternative when the sun goes down.

Bare bricks

The beauty of historical places is best viewed in its deconstructed walls, rustic bricks exposed out. And if you are thinking, what has it got to do with commercial architecture, then you are surely not aware of the upcoming trends. Rustic and faded bricked exteriors are in vogue bringing the nostalgia of old school memories, villages and of course those interesting unconstructed building, we use to play in childhood.

The predicted and followed architectural trends are considered the driving force of architectural industry in this cut-throat competition. Guess who wins every time? Of course, the one that follows these trends meticulously, one such company is Alcaritys consisting of trained commercial <a href=>architects in Pune</a>at affordable pricing.


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