My life till now!!

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Hi am Anand from India (Bangalore), 23  years old. Need to share my feeling’s faced till now, I was quit happy enjoying my life till 19, after that started understanding about the people around me and the environment. Faced many difficulties and disappointment. Stopped trusting my friends and afraid of making new friends,girlfriend cheated on me, discontinued my college, was addicted to drug’s. Started working but  was not happy with my job because of politics, supporting to their know men’s and religions need to salute/ bow for the managers to come up in life. Not worth of being true and kind. 

Afraid of my future only because of my parents, need to keep them happy and fulfill their dreams they have struggled a lot. They should get some peace full days.

Liar’s will always be trusted in this generation. No value for true heart’s.

MONEY is everything in this world.

  1. Thanks, hoping better future gonna come SOON.

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