Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Males

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According to Dr. J. Elitist a urologist, a man’s testosterone levels can decrease by as much as 50% by the time a man is eight years old. While this is a fact of life for most all men, it does not mean there is nothing men can do to replace the testosterone they have lost. In fact, there are several natural alternatives for raising testosterone levels in men.


Get Rid of Excess Body Fat


According to Dr. Joseph Zmuda, an epidemiologist at the University of Pittsburg, men who have excess body fat run the risk of having elevated estrogen levels, which in turn can decrease testosterone levels. Getting rid of excess body weight can help to lower the estrogen in a man’s body, and increase his testosterone levels. On this page you can find more about testosterone boosters




Eat a diet that is rich in foods that contain zinc. Zinc actually prevents the enzyme aromatas from turning testosterone into estrogen. So, eating foods high in zinc will help the body to naturally replace testosterone that has been converted into estrogen without the use of drugs or other expensive testosterone replacement therapy.




It is important for men to decrease the amount of alcohol they are drinking, particularly in cases where they are drinking alcohol regularly. The reason for this is that alcohol actually prevents estrogen from being cleaned out of the bloodstream. The more estrogen that is in the body, the lower the testosterone levels are going to be. Also, alcohol decreases the amount of zinc in the body, a mineral that is crucial to replacing testosterone.


Eggs and Whey


The protein in eggs and whey can help to increase testosterone levels because they contain hydrolysates. Hydrolysates are high in dipeptides and tripeptides, both of which are not digested and instead travel straight to the liver where they boost the production of the anabolic hormone insulin growth factor 1. This in turn helps to build muscle and reduce the percentage of fat in the body. A healthier body produces less estrogen and increases testosterone levels.


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