New Opportunities With Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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The development of new media systems for well-established media companies will include the creation of a new social media presence and, at the same time, the maintenance of traditional practices. This is especially true for online newspaper editions that will be updated significantly more often than the morning and afternoon edition, as well as printing magazines that are updated more frequently than once a week. In addition, network television stations are now posting their programs. 

These days, most people are taking advantage of the opportunities to boost their business in these networks, including online communities like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, because this is one of the most popular ways to conduct social media marketing. One of the main advantages of using these social media sites is that you will have the opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

Digital Marketing continues to evolve with new technologies and updates on social platforms by modifying the way we communicate and creating new opportunities for brands to deliver their content. It is important to be aware of the trends and follow this trend. Here are some new opportunities of social media marketing for the coming years. So you stay tuned and plan your content strategy accordingly.

Video content

The first opportunity is already well known to all, Facebook will become increasingly focused on videos and in-streaming ads, so brands should already enhance their ability to promote videos to drive engagement and maintain visibility.

Instagram also follows the trend of more video content and now also with live broadcasts. The user’s involvement with brands on Instagram is 10 times greater than on Facebook. In addition, Instagram is the social platform where users are more likely to follow the brands.

Unconventional social platforms

Media marketers can also make use of social bookmarking sites, blogs, forums and rating or review sites. In addition, this kind of media promotion could be done through 3D virtual networks, news aggregators, and social media sharing sites that allow users to switch music, videos and photos.

Emojis put more personality into the content. They are a way of expressing themselves with more informality and personality. However, it is important that the use is made in accordance with the personality of the brand and especially that it is aligned with the content and context.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the social environment as chatbots become more common in interacting with customers. Brands should understand opportunities and use technology wisely to keep customers engaged.

Informal and casual communication

Communication is becoming more and more informal, such as Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live aimed at a more informal and direct narrative. In this environment, brands need to act in a relaxed way, which is seen as something more genuine by customers. In many cases, this will require brands to rethink and reposition the voice used in social networks.

New features

Users are gaining more and more control of their own experience on social platforms. Several networks have implemented new options that give users control over how their feeds deliver content that means choosing content related to their interests. That’s why brands must be aware of delivering more and more personalized content according to customer behaviour and preferences.

The digital buzz marketers 

Influencers (or social influencers) remain an important marketing strategy, but employee advocacy encouraging and encouraging team members to share brand messages in their own social media accounts is poised to be a game change in upcoming years. Even small businesses with few followers can take advantage of this strategy, as personal accounts are more reliable and are also handled differently by algorithms.

It is important to remember that advocacy cannot be forced. Influencers may want to share company posts, and content has to align with their own audiences and role within the society.

When it comes to marketing strategies for creating presence in social media on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, there is really no unique new media solution. This is because incorporating or moving to new media in most cases, such as for companies in Dubai, will involve many different technologies, skills and techniques. As an example, for a retailer who would like to expand their online business this move may require hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai have a proper approach of using Twitter and Facebook; development of online marketing campaigns, and possibly even inclusion of videos to be published on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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