Nourish Your Skin the Right Way with Almond Oil!

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NOW 100% Pure Castor Oil

We live busy lives these days, and we rarely have time to slow down and take care of ourselves. Living in urban centers in close quarters with polluted areas can ruin our skin. We also don’t drink as much water as we should, which can make us dehydrated, making our skin dry and cracked. We can often feel like strangers in our own dry and cracked skin, and we don’t know what to do about it. NOW 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil is an almond oil that has many moisturizing capabilities. It is a valued moisturizer and can be used on your skin or hair. You can find NOW Sweet Almond Oil, and other NOW products, through Vitasave, Canada’s #1 herbal supplement company.

While almond oil may be known as a moisturizer, it also has health benefits. It won’t clog your pores, leaving you with beautiful skin. It has been used as a moisturizer since the ancient world, where people would mix it with herbs to make ointments to cure diseases and conditions. It is a naturally soothing oil, reliving skin irritation and itchiness without drying our your skin. For those who want a natural hair moisturizer, add to your shampoo or conditioner and leave in for a few minutes to naturally condition hair. If you are looking for an all-natural moisturizer that won’t leave a residue or dry out or irritate your skin, order your bottle of NOW Pure Sweet Almond Oil from Vitasave today!

Vitasave is Canada’s fastest growing online retailer of all-natural health supplements. If you want to buy NOW Pure Sweet Almond Oil, look no further than We offer discounts from 25% to 60% off traditional retail store prices with no annual membership fee. If you are also looking for other NOW supplements, you can also find them here on our site. 

We are Canada’s fastest growinge-commerce company of all-natural health supplements. Ordering with us is easy and painless. There are no additional international shipping rates or duties when you shop with us. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $70 within Canada and the United States. We always ship using Canada Post Expedited Service with personalized tracking.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. You may return unopened, unused items within 60 days if you are unhappy with your purchase. Call or go online at to place your order and start feeling better today.

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