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Many online casinos are well known for having many bonus packages for players. Some bonuses award up to 25% of the deposit that was paid, and some less. Regardless of this fact, in order to get hold of the bonus, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the casino.


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Online Casinos with Lucrative Bonuses

777 composed a comprehensive list of favourite casinos. Amazingly, all these casinos have several lucrative bonus packages. This contributes to what makes them a favourite among the gaming crowd.

1. Sunmaker Casino

Sunmaker Casino has gotten one of the topmost positions on the list. This gaming house has several incentives for clients. These packages include €2 free chip, which does not require a code. This bonus works for a minimum deposit of €10. Another bonus at Sunmaker Casino is the 20 free spins bonus for certain games also requiring a minimum deposit of €10.


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2. Stargames Casino

Stargames offers €2 free chip to players with absolutely no deposit required. All new signups are entitled to a €100 free spins bonus as well. In addition to these, Stargames has a large variety of vouchers and discount coupons to give players.

3. Bet365

This gaming house uses several bonus codes to give discounts to punters. These codes are activated by coupons that punters could register to get. Most of these coupons only work for a time, so it is good to check first which bonus codes are available for the month.




Most other gambling houses reward loyal customers with an increased number of bonuses with the increase in the number of bets they make. It can now be said that offering bonuses is indeed the order of the day with online gambling.

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