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The number of paylines is one of the most important characteristics of any slot. It is on the payline that all the winning combinations are counted.

The number of lines in different slots varies from 1 to 100. If the combination falls outside the lines, the win will not be paid for it.


In this case, the winnings are given only on the lines to which the bet was made. Let’s say that if there are only 25 lines in the slot, and you put only 10 lines, then the combination dropped on any of the remaining (inactivate) 15 lines will not be paid. In this regard, the player should put on the maximum number of lines, otherwise you can miss a big win and even a progressive jackpot!

Lines in Mechanical and Modern Slots

In the very first slots, including the slot machines featuring fruits and berries, everything was very simple: most of them were mechanical slots with just one payline. Such gaming machines exist up to this day, and sooner or later you will surely come across them if you visit the site of this or that online casino. In particular, this is exactly the way popular slots look in Las Vegas, as well as many online slots in the spirit of traditional 3-reel slots.

In modern slots based on computer technologies and random number generator, there are many more paylines – there may be more than 100 of them. Chances of winning in this case are greater; however, the rate is higher.

How Game Lines are Arranged

There is nothing complicated in the way the game lines are arranged. Each line can have a specific shape – it can be straight, broken, etc., while it is located horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Whatever it is, let’s repeat: the winnings will be paid only if the bet was placed on the line.

In some slots, you can choose the number of lines to bet on, in others – this number is fixed, and you cannot change it. The player puts everything “at once”.

The specific shape and type of lines depends on the game.


What you Need to Know

First of all, remember that winnings on paylines in most slots are paid only from left to right.

Nevertheless, there are also such gambling machines in which winnings are given by combinations collected regardless of the direction. If there is a combination in this slot, and there is no win, this can mean only one thing: the symbols are out of the line.

To know in which cases and on which paylines winnings are paid, it’s best to look into the “Payments” section, which is usually at the bottom of the game screen. It also usually tells about the chances of winning, winning combinations and other nuances, including bonuses.


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