Partnerships Rising With DiMagna Will Strengthen SeCured Token

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For Immediate Release:

November 3, 2017: The time to invest in such a rapidly growing cryptocurrency market is now. Bitcoin has hit record highs surpassing $7000 in the market, as the overall market cap rises to around $192 billion dollars. Even now just about everywhere you look there is the creation of a new cryptocurrency along with a huge investment opportunity seeded within their ICO’s.

With tons and tons of money and cryptocurrency swapping hands seemingly the need for security is pretty high and big time investors are beginning to recognizing such. Should any moment of normal transactions toward buying, selling or simply holding cryptocurrency take a turn for the worst in which investments and funds become a victim, many may need some guaranteed protection or coverage for any losses.

With DiMagna and their SeCured (LOCK) token leading the pack toward growing and strengthening the cryptocurrency insurance community, outside investors and companies are making adjustments to insure that they can also benefit. We’ve got word that in the past few days DiMagna seemingly has been booked with a great deal of meetings regarding their SeCured (LOCK) token and how big companies can invest and use their services.

The way things are looking, we all will be hearing some news hopefully soon regarding DiMagna, their Secured (LOCK) Token  and the plans they have developed with investors if any toward the growth of their token and how we will benefit also.  

About the Company:
DiMagna is a cryptocurrency insurance company that allow crypto-owners to transfer their crypto-financial risk for safe trading and investment. To know more and to get your Secured (LOCK) Token now visit

Contact Details:
Sr. Admin: Andonis Hyman
Business/Company Name: DiMagna
Company Mail id:


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