Personal Injury Claim: Who Pays for it

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Millions of people are injured in accidents every year.  These accidents could be at work, at home, in their own cars, outdoors or at a number of other places. In many of these cases, other person is at fault and the victims of the accident have the right to compensation. In the light of this right, the victim files for a personal injury claim. It is basically a kind of civil lawsuit filed by the victim against the person at fault who has caused physical, psychological and emotional harm to the victim.

Usually in cases like drugged or drunk driving, the negligent party hurt someones and faces a civil lawsuit along with criminal charges. But in some cases, the injured party has the right to file a personal injury claim. This claim is brought against someone who has caused the injury. In most of the cases, the parties at fault have insurance cover and you have to negotiate with the insurer as he/she will be paying the compensation that is due.




But personal injury law is not simple, rather a complex law that requires the expertise of a professional from this niche. So, with the help of a solicitor of personal injury, this process of making a claim can become straightforward. Many personal injury attorneys offer free consultation as well for the first time. He/she even will be able to tell if yours is a justifiable claim or not. The attorney will be on your side when dealing with insurance companies and will ensure that your specific situation is considered.

Sometimes people don’t file the claim because they are either afraid to cause inconvenience to the at fault party or they think the party can’t afford to pay at all. And when they don’t, they suffer instead of getting what they need as well as  deserve. Then, they have to pay for medical bills and deal with the income loss for weeks and months.

Who pays for the Compensation?

Who pays for the plaintiff’s damages? An individual rarely pays, it’s usually the insurance company of the at fault party that pays for the lost damages, medical bills, pain, suffering and other expenses. A few of the insurances that pay these expenses in a personal injury case are: homeowners insurance, retail business insurance, medical office insurance, auto insurance, medical malpractice insurance and workers compensation insurance.

These are not exhaustive, they are just the most common ones. You need to be aware of the fact that in almost all of the personal injury cases, an insurance company is in force. They compensate the injured party that has filed the case against the negligent business or person.

So, if you have recently been in an accident, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney. Your attorney will not let you settle for an unfair amount, he/she will advise you if you need to take a legal action to get a fair settlement.

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