Places to get Money Order in United States

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If you are from United State and searching for places where you can get Money Order than you are the right place. In this article I am going to share some of the best places where you can get money order. 

Money Order is a secured Prepaid amount of money, they are similar to checks but little different from checks as it is prepaid money. Money order also provides anonymity unlike traditional checks. The cheapest money order you an get from as little as $0.65.

Money Order Services:

Moneygram: MoneyGram is spread over 100,000 locations worldwide. MoneyGram basically operates from United States and from several other countries in the world. 

Find a MoneyGram location near you.

Western Union: Western union is larger than MoneyGram and available in almost every corner of the world. Western Union basically offers money transfer overseas and they can also offer Money Order but only in United States

Find the nearest Western Union.

List of Other Providers where you can get Money Order:

1. 7-Eleven

2. Meijer

3. Kmart

4. Kroger

5. Walmart

6. Publix

7. Vons

9. U.S. Postal Service


You can also find money order near you by visiting this site

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